Chemical Science: In this Chapter, you will read about Important Topics related to Chemical Science. Before studying chemistry, you need to know what is Chemistry? In Answer to this, Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and behavior of matter. In simple language, the branch of science in which the synthesis, composition, properties and reactions of substances are studied is called Chemistry.

Chemical Science (9 LESSONS)

Chemical Names of Vitamins and their main Sources: Information about essential vitamins for the body, their chemical names and sources has been given.

Physical Quantities, Standards and units: Here the names and units of Physical quantities of mass, Length/Distance, Time, Area, Volume, Speed, Velocity, Force, Density, Pressure, Work or energy are given.

Major Alloys of the World: Know Major alloys of the world, uses and their components & Read What is metal? Types of Metal, What is alloy? and their Uses, Main non-ferrous alloys and their Uses with Imporant Facts.

List of different types of Metals and their Ores: What are ores? Names of important Metals in Hindi and English and their related ores.

Let us know what is electricity, what is static electricity, what is electric current, what is electric current and law electric charge?

Major Branches of Science and list of subjects studied: The study subjects of Holography is a scientific method of creating three-dimensional images from laser beams and the sun is studied in heliology.

Let us know about what is a chemical compound, importance of chemistry formulas, types of chemical formula and list of most important chemical formulas in chemistry.

Read What is chemistry? How many branches does it have? And what are their chemical and commercial (commonly used colloquial) names? Etcetera.

Scientific Instruments and Uses: In this chapter, we will learn about major Scientific Instruments like Earthquake intensity measuring Instrument, Temperature measuring Instrument, Rain measuring Instrument, Milk measuring Instrument, Electrical measuring Instrument etc.


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