Biological Sciences: In this Chapter, you will read about Important Topics related to Biological Sciences. Before studying Biology, you need to know what is Biology? In Answer to this, Biology is the scientific study of life, it is a part of natural science, in which all the activities from the birth of the organism to its end are studied.

Biological Sciences (13 LESSONS)

Let us know what is biological evolution, what is its definition, theories of biological evolution, such as Lamarckism theory, Darwin's theory of biological evolution, Neo-Darwinism theory, mutation theory and know about the comparative composition of organisms.

History, Branches and Important Facts of Zoology: What is Animal science? Importance of Zoology, History of Zoology, Branches of Zoology, Major important facts related to Zoology.

Let us know about the characteristics, classification and list of main animal associations of living beings.

Let's learn who is called genetics, who is the father of genetics and Mendel's law of heredity.

Human body parts names and important facts: Important information like Smallest bone in human body, Total number of bones, Number of WBCs, Heart rate etc.

Cell structure of human body and list of their work, like what is called cell? cell structure? cellular processes? cell division? Etcetera.

Let us know about the system of the body like the name of the organ systems of the human body, the functions and the list of important facts?

Let us know general knowledge about the composition, components of blood, amount of blood in human body, types of blood group and major functions.

Let us know what are medicinal plants, importance of aromatic plants, names and uses of medicinal plants: Ankol, Ajwain, Ginger, Anantmool, Aranyatulsi, Ashwagandha, Amla, Tamarind, Saffron, Neem etc.

Diseases caused by viruses and protozoa in humans and their symptoms etc. Pneumonia is a disease caused by a bacterium called Diplococcus pneumoniae, which affects the lungs.

Let us know the names of major diseases caused by bacteria in the human body, important information about the affected organs and symptoms.

Major Branches of Science and list of subjects studied: The study subjects of Holography is a scientific method of creating three-dimensional images from laser beams and the sun is studied in heliology.

Scientific Instruments and Uses: In this chapter, we will learn about major Scientific Instruments like Earthquake intensity measuring Instrument, Temperature measuring Instrument, Rain measuring Instrument, Milk measuring Instrument, Electrical measuring Instrument etc.


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