What are scientific instruments (instruments) called?

Scientific instruments are those devices which facilitate or facilitate or facilitate the work of any science. With the development of civilization, scientific progress is taking place all over the world. In many developed countries, there has been a situation of mutual competition for scientific progress and inventions. Intensive research and exploration programs are being conducted by many countries in the field of science. In the matter of research, not only the Asian countries with the Soviet Union, but also the participation of the US and European countries has been there.

List of names of major scientific instruments and their uses:

Names of scientific instruments Use
Accumulator Electric energy is stored by this device, this electricity is used when necessary.
Aerometer This instrument is used to determine the mass and density of air and gas.
Altimeter It is used to measure the altitude of a flying aircraft.
Ammeter It is used to measure electric current.
Anemometer This instrument measures the strength and speed of the wind.
Audiometer This instrument is used to measure the intensity of sound.
Ballistic Galvanometer It is used to measure small current (micro ampere).
Audiophone It is used by people to put in the ear to aid in hearing.
Barograph It measures the change in atmospheric pressure.
Barometer This instrument is used to measure air pressure.
Binocular This instrument is used to see distant objects.
Calipers Through this, the diameters of the inside and outside of the objects are measured and the thickness of the object is also measured by this.
Calorimeter This instrument would have been made of copper and is used to measure the amount of heat.
Carburettor This device is used in internal combustion petrol engines. A mixture of petrol and air is made with this device.
Cardiogram By this the heart rate is checked. It is also called cardiogram.
Chronometer This device is mounted on ships. This shows the correct time.
Cinematograph This device is used to enlarge small films and project them on the screen in a continuous sequence.
Compass Box Through this device, the knowledge of the north-south direction at a place is obtained.
Computer It is a type of mathematical mechanical arrangement. It is used to solve mathematical problems and calculations.
Cyclotron With the help of this device, charged particles such as nuclei, particles, protons, electrons, etc., are accelerated.
Densitymeter This tool is used to find the density.
Dictaphone It is used to record one's point of view and order to be heard by another person. It is often used in offices.
Hydrometer This instrument is used to measure the angle of dip at a place.
Dynamometer This instrument is used to measure the power generated by the engine.
Epidiascope It is used to project pictures on screen.
Fathometer This instrument is used to measure the depth of the ocean.
Galvanometer This instrument is used to determine the direction and quantity of electric current in small electric circuits.
Geiger-Muller Counter With the help of this instrument, the radiation of radioactive source is calculated.
Gravimeter The presence of oil on the surface of water is detected by this instrument.
Gyroscope This instrument is used to measure the speed of moving objects.
Hydrometer By this instrument the relative density of liquids is determined.
Hydrophone It is an instrument used to calculate the sound waves under water.
Hygrometer With the help of this, the humidity prevailing in the atmosphere is measured.
Screw Gauge It is used to measure the diameter of fine wires.
Kiloscope Pictures received by television are viewed on top of this device.
Kaleidoscope Through this, different types of line-mathematical figures appear.
lighting conductor This device is installed on the top of high-rise buildings on their parts, so that there is no effect of electricity and the buildings are safe.
Megaphone It is a device by which sound is carried to distant places.
Manometer It is used to determine the pressure of the gas.
Micrometer It is a kind of scale with the help of which one can find the thousandth part of a mm.
Microscope It magnifies and magnifies small objects; Therefore, things which cannot be seen with the eyes can be seen with this instrument.
Microtome This tool is used to cut an object into very small pieces, which have to be finely studied.
Odometer It is used to measure the distance traveled by a wheeled vehicle.
Oscillograph An instrument for graphing electrical and mechanical vibrations.
Scope Such a device used in submarines, with the help of which the submerged in the water can see the view above the water.
Potentiometer It is used in the measurement of small resistances, in comparison of current carrying hairs, and in calibration of voltmeters and ammeters.
Pyrometer This instrument is used to measure the temperature of distant objects.
Phonograph The instrument used for recording sound is called a phonograph.
Photometer It is used to compare the illumination intensity of two sources.
Photo telegraph It is a tool for transporting photographs from one place to another.
Cytotron It is a device used to generate artificial weather.
Radar This instrument is used to find the direction and distance of the approaching aircraft by radio waves, its full name is Radio Detection and Ranging.
Range This is an instrument used to measure rain.
Radiometer This instrument is used for measurement of radiation.
Radio telescope It is such a device, with the help of which the events of a distant place can be seen from a wireless system to another place.
Refractometer It is an instrument to determine the refractive index of transparent mediums.
Seismograph It is an earthquake detection device.
Safety lamp It is a device used in mines for lighting. With its help, explosions in mines can be avoided.
Sextend It is an instrument used to measure the height (a tower etc.)
Strvonoscope With the help of this device, the speed of objects moving with harmonic motion is determined.
Spido meter It is a speed display device, which is installed in vehicles like cars, trucks, etc.
Submarine It is a small underwater vessel, with the help of which the movement on the surface of the sea is also known.
Spherometer It is used to find the radius of curvature of the spherical rhythm.
Tele photography With the help of this device the picture of a moving object can be displayed at another place.
Teleprinter This is a news receiving tool, with the help of which the news is automatically typed.
Telesk Under this, there is a direct exchange of news between two places.
Telescope With the help of this instrument, distant objects can be seen clearly.
Telstar This is such a device located in space, with the help of which television and wireless broadcasts are sent across the continents, this equipment has been installed by the US in space.
Thermostat It is used to maintain the temperature of an object up to a certain point.
Theodolite It comes down to finding the measure of transverse and vertical angles.
Actiometer The instrument is used to determine the intensity of the sun rays.
Hobercraft A vehicle that runs on a thick cushion of air, it can run at high speed on plain land, swamps, icy, plains, deserts. This vehicle has no contact with the ground.
Tachometer It is an instrument used to measure the speed of aircraft and motor boats.

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Scientific Instruments FAQs:

A cognitive hygrometer is used to measure humidity. A hygrometer is a device that has the ability to measure the direction and effect of gravity. It is used in various industries, science, health care, vehicles, mobile devices etc.

To measure the fat content of milk, an instrument called Milk Fat Tester is used in the laboratory. This instrument is used to measure the fat content of milk.

The instrument that measures temperature is called a thermometer. It is an electronic or nonelectric device that measures temperature using various atmospheric or electrical temperature modifiers.

The instrument used to measure blood pressure is called Sphygmomanometer. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is an arterial disease.

Sound waves are used to measure the depth of the ocean with the Sonar instrument. Sonar was invented by Paul Langevin. The English word 'Sonar' is basically an abbreviation of SOund Navigation And Ranging.

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