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Human beings have been desirous of knowledge from the very beginning. He wants to get knowledge about everything, understand the laws of nature and establish harmony with nature, that is why he is not limited only to the earth, but now human has started reaching space and universe. Today, various countries have exposed the realities of the earth and the universe by sending their satellites and spacecraft into space.

What is called space?

Space is a reality of the universe that can never be denied. It is an endless three-dimensional expansive field, consisting of various types of planets, stars, and celestial phenomena such as meteors, their relative positions and a definite direction.

List Of First In Space:

First in space Man, satellite and spacecraft Achievement year
First person to enter space Major Yuri Gagarin (Russia) April 12, 1961
First female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova June 6, 1963
First person to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong July 21, 1969
First man to land on the moon Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin July 1969
The first person to exit the spacecraft Alexey leonov March 18, 1965
First Soviet astronaut to go to space twice Colonel Vladimir Komarov 1964 and 1967
First person to walk in space Alexey leonov March 18, 1965
First American passenger to walk in space Edward Wright 3 June 1965
longest space traveler Valery Polyakov 678 days (1988-89 and 1994-95)
First Indian woman astronaut Kalpana Chawla November 19, 1997
First woman to walk in space Svetlana Sovitsky July 25, 1984
First american woman to go into space Sally ride June 18, 1983
First teacher in space Christa McAuliffe January 28, 1986
Youngest astronaut Gereman Titob 6 August 1961
Oldest astronaut Carl Gordon Heinige 1967
The first space shuttle to be sent into space Colombia April 12, 1981
The first crewless spacecraft to land on the moon Luna-9 January 31, 1961
The first crewless spacecraft to land on the moon Apollo-11 July 21, 1969
First crewed spacecraft to land on the moon Eagle April 14, 2018
First spacecraft to land on Mars Viking-1 21 August 1975
First spacecraft to orbit the moon Luna-10 April 3, 1966
First meeting of two countries' vehicles in space Apollo Soyuz July 15, 1975
India's first driverless aircraft Target 1992
The first country to send a crewless spacecraft to Mars America 1975
First animal in space Dog named laika 3 November 1957

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    First in Space FAQs:

    Chiaki Mukai is a Japanese doctor, and an astronaut from JAXA. She was the first Japanese woman to go into space, having made two space flights.

    The first teacher to go into space is Sherin Christa McCollin Mickelson.

    Eileen Marie Collins is a retired NASA astronaut and United States Air Force (USAF) colonel. A former flight instructor and test pilot, Collins was the first woman to command a Space Shuttle mission and the first woman to command a Space Shuttle mission.

    The dog was the first animal to go into space. Although the Soviet Union has sent many dogs into space, but among them the dog named Laika became the most famous in space.

    The first cosmonaut was Yuri Gagarin. He made humans travel in space for the first time in global history by successfully launching from the Soviet Union's Vostok-1 spacecraft on 12 April 1961.

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