List of world's leading scientific research

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research: 

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research is India's largest research and development organization on science and technology. It was established in 1942. It has 39 laboratories and 50 field stations spread across India. It employs more than 17000 employees. Although it is financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, yet it is an autonomous organization. It has been registered under the Indian Society Registration Section 1860.

  • Stem cell research: American and Japanese researchers succeeded in programming adult skin cells to act like stem cell cells derived from embryos. This discovery paves the way for the possibility that in the future scientists will be able to find cures for diseases using adult cells without damaging the cells of an embryo.
  • Brightest Supernova: Astronomers in California and Texas recorded the brightest and largest explosion ever observed in the universe.

In this process called 'supernova' in astronomy, a star about 100 to 200 times the size of our sun turned into a black hole. After this there was a huge explosion and this event happened in a galaxy located about 240 million light years away from Earth.

  • Gene mapping: Two companies working in the field of genome-based medicine have succeeded in reading the entire genome of a human almost simultaneously. James Watson and J. In these independent studies on two individuals named Craig Venter, they were successfully studied even the chromosomes they inherited.
  • Natural heart valves: A team of researchers in London succeeded in growing cells from human bone marrow into heart valve tissue. This tissue can grow into a complete heart valve, and it is expected that in the next five years this type of natural heart valve can be transplanted into humans.
  • New species in Antarctica: Scientists announced that they have discovered about 700 new species in deep waters near Antarctica. These include crustaceans such as giant sea spiders, carnivorous sponges and termites. Earlier this area was covered by glacier ice.
  • Big Bird Like Dinosaur: Scientists studying fossils found fossils of a large carnivorous dinosaur in China. The arms of this dinosaur were like feathers. This discovery refuted the well-established fact that carnivores began to shrink in size as they became capable of flight.
  • The oldest living animal: Scientists have discovered a 405-year-old clam in the coastal area of ​​Iceland and claim that it is the oldest living animal in the world. Regrettably, during the study of the rings on its armor, he was 'murdered' at the hands of these scientists.
  • The 'Kilns' of Life: British Scientists Discover Three Giant Planets Outside the Solar System. The temperature of these planets, comparable in size to Jupiter, is so high that life cannot exist there, but it indicates that conditions favorable for life can be found in other minor planets around them.
  • New study of Homosapiens: The study of a human skull found in South Africa in 1952 was completed this year. The fossil clues suggest that the origin of modern humans (Homosapiens) was the sub-Saharan region of Africa, and from there they moved to Eurasia about 65,000–25,000 years ago.
  • Real Kryptonite: The 'Superman Return' movie fantasy came true this year when scientists discovered a compound ore with a chemical equation equivalent to Kryptonite in Siberia. Scientists named this compound ore with the formula sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide as siderite. I wish it glowed green like a Superman movie, so it would get the same superhit name (Kryptonite).


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