List of first important events in India:

Here is a list of the first important events in the history of India, which first established their dominance in India. Men of the world have made their valuable contribution in various fields of history such as:- history, sociology, literature, sports, politics, awards and honors, entertainment, fields.

Some questions are definitely asked in every exam based on the first important events in India, so it is very important for your all type of exam preparation. Let us know about the first 22 important events in India:-

First Important Events in India: (in different sections):

First Important Events in India When and where
Antarctic Expedition In 1982, Dr. S. Jade led by Qasim
International telecommunication service Bombay to London (1851)
Molecular underground test Pokhran (May 18, 1974)
Satellite Aryabhatta (April 19, 1975)
Census In the year 1872
Hydroelectric project Shiva Samudram, in 1902
Wire line Diamond Harbor to Calcutta (1853)
Doordarshan Kendra New Delhi (1959)
Color program from Doordarshan August 15, 1982
Regular decadal census From the year 1881
Test tube baby Baby Harsha born in 1986
Football club In Mohun Bagan, 1889
Talking film Alamara
linguistic daily News mirror
Silent film Raja Harishchand
Aircraft carrier warship I.N.S. Vikrant
Newspaper Bengal Gazette (James Hickey)
indigenous satellite Inset 2a (1992)
Indigenous nuclear submarine INS Chakra
Indigenous missile Prithvi (1988)
Hindi news paper Udant martand

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