History of Modern India: In this Chapter you will Read about Important Topics related to the Modern History of India. Modern History of India is known from the 17th century to the Present, the history of Modern India is also divided into Two parts. The History of India begins with the beginning of the Revolt of 1857.

Modern Indian History (29 LESSONS)

Revolt of 1857 Causes, Results and Leaders: Know where and when the revolution of 1857 started. Causes of India's first freedom struggle, Result, Rebel Leaders and Important facts of Revolt of 1857.

List of Wars of the world: In this chapter, information has been given about the name, when and between whom of the major wars in the history of the world. For example: In 490 AD, there was a war of Marathon between the Iranians and the Greeks.

The difference between any two concepts, subjects, groups of people, sections, etc. has always been a matter of curiosity for many inquisitive minds. Keeping such an aspect in mind, this article has been talked about in different types of articles related to history.

History of World War II: Read about When Second World War, Why did World War 2 happen?, What is Reason of World War II and what were the Results of the Second World War All this has been explained in detail.

Let us know when the civil service was started in India and by whom, after which changes were made in it by whom and what changes were made.

Let us know what was the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, how many people were killed, what was the effect on General Dyer and what was the effect on the Congress?

Important persons of history and their works: In this chapter, information has been given about the names of prominent persons of India and world history and their main works.

Let us know about all Article 370 of the Indian Constitution: Brief description, special rights for Jammu and Kashmir according to Article 370 and important facts related to Article 370 have been given in detail.

Major Institutions of the Indian National Movement: Know Name of Indian National Movement, History of the Indian National Movements, their Establishment and Founders.

Let us know interesting information about the names, years and presidents of the committees and commissions of modern India.

Industrial Revolution History & Impact: When did the Industrial Revolution take place, what were the results of its Industrial Revolution and what was the impact of this revolution on the life of human society. And about the major inventions made during the Industrial Revolution.

Let us know about the French East India Company, how the company arrived in India, after which the trade conflict started in India and between whom.

List of Important Wars and Treaties in Indian History: List of Important Wars and Treaties in Indian History Important Wars and Treaties in Indian History. Wars and battles fought in India have long influenced.

Know the Major Wars of India: When and between whom did the Major wars of History take place, Important information about the name, time and between whom the major wars took place in Indian history.

Biggest Rail Accidents of India 2023): Let us know about the biggest historical train accidents (accidents) in Indian history from the year 1981 to the year 2023.

Read important events in history related to Indian freedom fighter, the main events/incidents/stories of India and world history related to freedom fighter, knowing which will increase your general knowledge.

List of Prominent People of Indian History and their Places of Fame: In which General Dyer got fame from Jallianwala Bagh massacre, similarly Mahatma Buddha got fame from Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar.

Read the List of the First important Events in the History of India: Like the International Telecommunication service was started for the first time from Bombay to London (1851).

List of Chief Guests of Republic Day 2023: Know the history, importance and important information about the chief guests of Indian Republic Day. In 1950, Indonesian President Sukarno came to India's first Republic Day.

Read famous freedom fighters in Indian history: Let us know about the Indian independence movement and about all the people associated with this freedom movement.

Let us know about India Sri Lanka Relations: History, Intervention in Civil War and Conflict in India Sri Lanka Relations which are often asked in exams.

Slogans given by the Indian revolutionaries during the freedom struggle These slogans given by the Indian revolutionaries during the freedom struggle gave a great inspiration to the people of the country for the freedom struggle of Mother India.

List of Major Newspapers Published in British India: Know How many Famous Newspapers were Published in British India? Who started the first newspaper in India? &Know British India Times Newspaper Names, Publication Center & Important Facts.

Formation Dates of Indian States: Know Formation Dates of All Indian States and Union Territories and their Current Capitals. Read About Year-wise Foundation Days of Indian States are given for UPSC 2023 preparation

List of Gurus of famous personalities of India and the world: Here are Gurus of Aristotle, Gurus of Kabir, Gurus of Tulsidas, Gurus of Mirabai and Gurus of Mahatma Gandhi as well as Gurus of other great personalities.

Complete History of Indian Cinema or Bollywood cinema and know important facts related to cinema world of India, India's first film Raja Harishchandra was released on 3 May 1913 by Dadasaheb Phalke.

List of prominent personalities of India and their burial places: Indira Gandhi, K. R. What are the memorial places of famous persons like Narayanan, Chowdhary Charan Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru, Giani Zail Singh etc.

Let's read complete information about Green Revolution, states affected by Green Revolution, improvement in agricultural production and about the problems of Green Revolution.

Revolutions related to Agriculture, Industrial and Production: In this chapter, Important General Knowledge Information about the Major Revolutions related to Agriculture, Industrial and Production in India, their Start Date, Founders and Main Objectives.


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