Major British Indian Committees And Commissions:

Shortly after the beginning of British rule in India, the British Empire began to draw its attention to the culture, social structure and social issues of India. He gradually uncovered many shortcomings of India by studying the social and cultural life of Indians.

The British Empire first came to India only for the purpose of doing business, but with the passage of time, when India became their colony, they decided to remove all its flaws by considering it as their area of ​​work, due to which they started from time to time. But various types of commissions and committees were sent to India.

List of Major British Indian Committees And Commissions:

Commission\Committees and Establishment Year President Objective
Reward Commission(1852) The prize To check titles of landowners
Famine Commission (1880) Richard Strachey To provide relief to the famine victims
Hunter Commission(1882) William Hunter To review the progress of education
Atkinson Commission(1886) Charles atkinson To induct more Indians in civil service
Herschel Committee(1893) Herschel Suggestions about currency
Opium Commission(1893) - To investigate about the effects of opium on health
Famine Commission (Lyal Commission) (1897) James lyal To study the report of the Famine Commission of 1880 and suggest
Henry Fowler Commission(1898) H. Fowler To suggest currency
Famine Commission (McDonnell Commission) (1900) Anthony McDonnell To give his suggestion on the report of the Strachey Commission on famine
Irrigation Commission (Moncreef Commission)(1901) Sir Wolwyn Scott Munkins For expenditure plan on irrigation
University Commission(1902) Thomas Rowley Universities to study and implement reforms
Fraser Commission(1902) Fraser To examine the working method of police administration
Raleigh Commission(1902) Thomas Raleigh Belonging to the university
Royal Commission on Civil Service (1912) lord islington To give 25% higher rank to Indians
MacLagoon Committee (1914-15) McLagoon To advise co-operative finance
Calcutta University Commission (Sandler Commission)(1917) Michael Sadler To study university status
Indian Military Committee(1923) Lord Ichcap Central Education Committee to discuss
Royal Commission(1924) lord lee To remove the defects of civil service
Skin Committee(1925) Andrew Skene Tips to Indianize the Indian Army
Butler Committee(1927) Harcot Butler Formed for the purpose of establishing good relations between British sovereignty and foreign states
Linlithgow Commission(1928) linlithgow To study the problem in agriculture
Wheatley Commission(1929) J. H. Wheatley For the purpose of studying the status of workers and submitting reports
Sapru Committee (1934) Tej Bahadur Sapru To study the causes of unemployment in the United States
Measurement Committee of India(1935) Larry Hammond For the inclusion of labor system in the federal assembly
National Planning Committee (1938) Jawahar Lal Nehru To prepare an economic plan
Sergeant Plan(1944) John Sargent To raise standard education like UK
Famine Inquiry Commission (Woodhead Famine Inquiry Commission)(1943–44) To investigate the causes of Bengal famine To investigate the causes of Bengal famine

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