Popular geographical surnames of major places in the world:

In this post general information about the geographical names of major cities and states of the world is given. There are many such countries of the world, which are also known by the name of a popular place instead of their main name. 

In various competitive exams, some questions are asked on the basis of geographical names of major cities and states of the world, so it is very important for your preparation for all types of exams. Let us know which city of the world is known by which geographical name:-

List of geographical surnames of major countries/places in the world:

Geographical name Place
Pope's city Rome
Blood woman Rome
Empress of the ancient world Rome
Babylon of the West Rome
Eternal City (Holy City) Rome
Pearl of antilles Cuba
Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba
City ​​of skyscrapers New York
Pearl of the orient Singapore
Evergreen city Quito
Country of white elephants Thailand
Country of snakes Brazil
City of seven mountains Rome
Empire City New York
land of sunrise Japan
land of gold and diamonds South Africa
City of golden gates San francisco
City of hawa mahal Chicago

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