Name of the world's major straits and with which place it connects:

What is a strait called?

A strait or a strait or such a narrow passage of water that connects two large water bodies and through which boats can pass from one large reservoir to another large reservoir. Its geographical shape is often like a damru, which has a strait between two large water parts, hence it is also called a strait. It is used for international transport via sea between countries located in a special economic zone.

Commercial and Strategic Significance of the Strait:

  • Commercial shipping for maritime trade.
  • Important oil production area.
  • Important role in geopolitics.

Here is a list of the world's major straits and their locations. Some questions are definitely asked in every exam based on the major straits of the world and their location, so it is very important for your all type of exam preparation. Let us know the names of the world's major straits, about the plots and water bodies that they connect:-

Let's know the list of the world's major straits:

Name of strait Connects whom Place
Malacca Strait Andaman Sea and South China Sea Indonesia-Malaysia
Palk Straits Palk Bay and Bay of Bengal India-Sri Lanka
Sunda Straits Java Sea and Indian Ocean Indonesia
Yucatan Straits Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea Mexico-Cuba
Strait of Messina Mediterranean Sea Italy-Sicily
Straits of Otranto Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea Italy-Albania
Bab-el-Mandeb Straits Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Yemen-Djibouti
Cook Straits South Pacific Ocean New Zealand (North and South Islands)
Mozambique Strait Indian ocean Mozambique-Malgasy
North Channel Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean Ireland-England
Taurus Strait Arafura Sea and Gulf of Papua Papua New Guinea-Australia
Bass Strait Tasman Sea and South Sea Australia
Bering Strait Bering Sea and Chuksi Sea Alaska-Russia
Bonne-Fasio Strait Mediterranean Sea Corsica-sardinia
Bosphorus Strait Black Sea and Marmara Sea Turkey
Dardanelles Strait Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea Turkey
Davis Strait Baffin Bay and the Atlantic Ocean Greenland-Canada
Denmark Straits North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean Greenland-Iceland
Dover Strait English Channel and North Sea England-France
Florida Straits Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean United States-Cuba
Strait of Hormuz Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Oman-Iran
Hudson Strait Gulf of Hudson and Atlantic Ocean Canada
Strait of Magellan Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans Chile
Makassar Strait Java Sea and Celebes Sea Indonesia
Tsugaru Straits Sea of ​​Japan and Pacific Ocean Japan (Hokkaido-Honshu Island)

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