Names of famous waterfalls of the world, their countries and their height:

Waterfalls are a major erosional landform made of flowing water (river). Natural or artificial waterfalls are in almost all countries of the world. In different countries, they have different uses. Waterfalls are great sources of natural power; Which man uses for his prosperity and convenience, industries and artificial means. In this way, the waterfall is a great gift of nature to man.

Niagara Falls located between America and Canada and Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in Africa are counted among the world's largest falls. The most famous waterfall in India is Jog Falls of Mysore region in the Western Ghats.

Apart from this, small and big falls are located in different parts of the country, such as Kampti Falls near Mansoori in Uttar Pradesh, Sirsi Falls near Mirzapur and Hundru Falls of Ranchi district. Generally in all types of government competitive exams like: Bank PO & Clerk, UPSC, SSC, IAS, PCS, CAT, Indian Railways, GATE etc. It is often asked in which country the said waterfall is located.

Types of Waterfalls:

  • Catadupa: Catadupa is a gorge or waterfall, (originally a waterfall of the Nile). The word catadupae refers to people living near such a waterfall, who are believed to have become deaf due to the constant noise of the waterfall.
  • Ditch: Water flows down a relatively wide stream or river.
  • Khardum: The descending water has some contact with the rocky base.
  • Kharal: The water descends as a narrow stream and then spreads into a wider pool.
  • Dive: Water drops straight down the relinquishment contact with the surface of the rocky base.
  • Slope: A large volume of water falls down a vertical and narrow source.
  • Fan: Water expands horizontally as it falls and is always in contact with the rock while falling.
  • Pantik: A mixture of escarpment and split falls, the water in this waterfall falls in a sequence from a chain of rocks in different streams.
  • Multi-stage: A series of springs of roughly the same size, each with its own pool.
  • Maha Falls: Mahafall is a big and powerful waterfall according to its name.
  • Split: The water falls down in the form of separate springs.
  • Steep: Water falls down a series of rocks in a cascade fall or a cascade.
  • Himadri: A snowdrift is a waterfall whose water contains small pieces of ice.

List of famous waterfalls of the world:

Name of the waterfall Country Height (in metres)
Angel Falls Venezuela 79 meters
Yosemite Falls California 739 meters
South Mardalfossen Falls Norway 655 m
Tugela Falls South Africa 614 m
Kukwenan Falls Venezuela 610 meters
Sutherland Falls New Zealand 580 meters
Ribbon Falls California 491 m
Great Kamarna Falls Guyana 488 meters
Della Falls Canada 440 meters
Gavarni Falls France 422 meters
Jog (Grasoppa) Falls India 250 meters
Niagara Falls On the international border between the US states of New York and the Canadian provinces of Ontario 120 meters
Victoria Falls South Africa 108 meters
Jog Falls (Mahatma Gandhi) India 253 meters

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