Largest, shortest, tallest and tallest in the world:

Here is a list of the largest, shortest, tallest and tallest in the world. Generally, questions related to biggest, short, long and tall in the world are asked in competitive examinations. If you are preparing for various competitive exams like: IAS, Teacher, UPSC, PCS, SSC, Bank, MBA and other government jobs, then you must know about Biggest, Shortest, Tall and Highest in the world .

Let's read about the largest / smallest / tall / tallest in the world:-

World's largest continent Asia (30% of the world's area)
The country with the largest number of internet users in the world India (13.5% of the world)
World's smallest continent Australia
World's largest ocean Pacific Ocean
World's smallest ocean Arctic Ocean
World's deepest ocean Pacific Ocean
World's largest ocean South China Sea
World's largest gulf Gulf of mexico
World's largest island Greenland
World's largest island group Indonesia
longest river in the world Nile river 6650 km
River with the largest drainage area in the world Amazon river
World's largest tributary Madeira (Amazon's)
World's busiest commercial river Rhine River
World's largest canal Suez Canal
World's busiest canal Keel canal
World's largest river island Majuli, India
World's largest country Russia
Smallest country in the world Vatican City (44 ha)
Country with most voters in the world India
Country with longest border line in the world Canada
Countries with highest border lines in the world China (13 countries)
World's largest desert Sahara (Africa)
Asia's largest desert Gobi
World's highest mountain peak Mount Everest (8848 m)
longest mountain range in the world Andes (South America)
World's highest plateau Pamir plateau
World's hottest region Algeria (Libya)
Coldest place in the world Vostok Antarctica
World's driest place Atacama desert chile
World's highest waterfall Angel Falls
World's largest waterfall Guayara Falls
World's widest waterfall Khon Falls
World's largest salt water lake Caspian Sea
World's largest fresh water lake lake superior
World's deepest lake Lake Baikal
World highest lake Titicaca
World's largest artificial lake Volga lake
World's largest delta Sundarban Delta
World's greatest epic Mahabharata
World's largest museum American Museum of Natural History
World's largest zoo Cruiser National Park (D. Africa)
World's largest bird Ostrich (ostrich)
World's smallest bird Humming bird
World's largest mammal Blue whale
World's largest temple Angkor Wat Temple
Tallest statue in the world Statue of Unity, India (182 meters high)
Tallest tower in the world Qutub Minar
World's largest bell tower The Great Bell of Moscow
World's largest Hindu temple complex Akshardham Temple Delhi
World's largest mosque Jama Masjid Delhi
Tallest mosque in the world Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo
World's largest church Vasilica of St. Peter (Vatican City)
longest railway line in the world Trans Siberian Line
longest railway tunnel in the world Seikan Railway Tunnel Japan
World's longest railway platform Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh (length 1355 m)
World's largest railway station Grand Central Terminal New York
Busiest airport in the world Chicago International Airport
World's largest airport King Khalid Airport Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
World's largest port Shanghai Port (China)
World's longest dam Hirakud Dam Orissa
World's tallest dam Regunsky (Tajikistan)
World's highest road Leh Manali Road
World's longest bridge Qingdao Haiwan Road Bridge
World's longest highway Trans canadian
Tallest volcano in the world Mount Katopaxi
Most Employed Department in the World Indian Railways
Highest cricket ground in the world Chail Himachal Pradesh
World's largest library Library of Congress London
World's largest museum British Museum London
World's largest office building Pentagon (USA)

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