Names of major countries of the world and their highest honours:

Here is the important general knowledge information related to the names of the world's major countries and their highest honors. These awards and honors are given for their valuable contribution in various fields of the world such as:- sports, politics, music, art, agriculture, film, literature, science, economics, journalism. Some questions are definitely asked in every exam based on the world's major awards and honors and their field, so it is very important for your preparation for all types of exams.

Let us know about the major awards and honors given in different regions of the world:-

List of major countries of the world and their highest honors:

Country Highest honor
Argentina The Order of Son Martin
Indonesia Star of Republic of Indonesia (Bintang Republic Indonesia)
Cambodia Royal order of cambodia
Canada Order of canada
Kuwait Mubarak Al Kabir Medal
China Order of brilliant jade
Germany Pol Le Merritt Iron Cross
Japan Order of molovnia sun
Turkey Order of democracy
Denmark Order of diana brogue
Nicaragua Augusto Caesar Sandino Order
Netherlands Order of the Netherlands Lion
Nepal Jewel of Nepal (Man title)
Norway Order of st olway
New Zealand The Order of New Zealand
Pakistan Nishan-e-Pakistan
Poland Cross of merit
Philippines Quezon Service Cross
France lens of honor
Bangladesh Bangladesh Freedom Honor (Bangladesh Freedom Honor)
India Bharat Ratna
Bhutan Order of Great Victory of Thunger Dragon
Mongolia Best worker
United Kingdom Order of merit
Russia Order of St. Andrew the Apostle
Vietnam The Order of the Golden Star
Sri Lanka Pride of Sri Lanka (Sri Lankabhimanya)
United States of america Range of merit
Saudi Arab Shah Abdul Aziz Medal
Cyprus Commander of the Order of Merit
Spain Order of Idbella the Catholic
Palestine Grand collar
Hungary The order of banner

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World Highest Honor FAQs:

The highest honor "Best Worker" is related to the country of Mongolia

The Order of Brilliant Jade is a civilian order of the Republic of China that can only be worn by a head of state. According to the rules, the order can only be presented by the President of the country or an envoy sent explicitly to confer the honor on the Allies.

The Cross of Merit was the highest civilian award in Poland. It is awarded to citizens who go above and beyond their duty for the country and society as a whole.

The Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded in Oslo. Nobel Peace Prize This award is given by the Nobel Foundation for the efforts made for peace globally.

The first 'Bharat Ratna' award was awarded in 1954 to Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and scientist Dr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.

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