What is the Ramon Magsaysay Award called and why is it given?

Ramon Magsaysay Award or Ramon Magsaysay Award is given to individuals and organizations of Asia for doing particularly remarkable work in their respective fields. It is also often called the Nobel Prize of Asia. This Ramon Magsaysay Award is given by the Foundation in memory of the former President of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay.

The award is given annually on the occasion of Magsaysay Jayanti on 31 August for public service, community service, journalism, literature and creative arts and international understanding. This award can also be given to non-Asian organizations, institutions for working in the interest of Asia.

Ramon Magsaysay Award Brief Description:

Award Categories Government Service, Public Service, Community Leadership, Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts, Peace and International Harmony and Emerging Leadership
Establishment Year 1957
Country Philippines
Provider Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation
The Last Indian Winner Sothiara Chhim, Gary Bencheghi, Tadashi Hattori, Bernadette Madrid (2022)

History of Ramon Magsaysay Award:

The Ramon Magsaysay Award was established in 1957 by the trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund based in New York. With the consent of the Government of the Philippines, this award was instituted in the memory of former President Ramon Magsaysay, so that the memory of his courageous service to the common people, practical idealism and pure government character in a democratic society can be kept fresh.

Categories of Ramon Magsaysay Award:

This award is given annually in 6 categories:-

  • Government Service: To honor for distinguished service in any branch of government, including executive, judicial service, legislature or military.
  • Public Service: Encompassing the remarkable service rendered by any citizen to the public interest.
  • Community Leadership: Leadership in a community, respect for providing more opportunities and support for a better life to the disadvantaged.
  • Journalism, Literature and the Arts of Creative Communication: Effective writing, publishing or photography or the use of the medium of radio, television, cinema or the performing arts as a force acting in the public interest.
  • Peace and International Goodwill: In recognition of the contribution made to the promotion of friendship, coexistence, peace and solidarity, to lay the groundwork for the development of continued friendship within and between countries.
  • Emerging Leadership: Recognition for remarkable work done for social change in their community by people 40 years of age or younger whose leadership has not yet been recognized outside of their community.

List of all Indian Ramon Magsaysay Award winners from 1958 to 2022:

Year Recipient Name Area
2022 Sothiara Chhim Cambodia
2022 Gary Bencheghib Indonesia
2022 Tadashi Hattori Japan
2022 Bernadette Madrid Philippines
2021 Dr. Firdausi Qadri Bangladesh
2020 - -
2019 Ravish Kumar Journalism
2018 Bharat Vatwani (psychologist) Social Service
2018 Sonam Wangchuk (Engineer) Social Service
2016 Bezwada Wilson public service
2016 T. M. Krishna Social Cohesion
2015 Sanjeev Chaturvedi against corruption
2015 Anshu Gupta Social Work
2012 Kulandei Francis Social Work
2011 Neelima Mishra Social Work
2011 Harish Hande -
2009 Deep Joshi Social Worker
2008 Mandakini Amte Tribal Welfare Work
2008 Prakash Amte Tribal Welfare Work
2007 Palagummi Sainath Literature, journalism and creative communication arts
2006 Arvind Kejriwal emergency leadership
2005 V. Shanta public service
2004 Laxminarayan Ramdas Peace and International Settlement
2003 Shanta Sinha Community Leadership
2003 James Michael Lyngdoh Government service
2002 Sandeep Pandey emergency leadership
2001 Rajendra Singh Community Leadership
2000 Joaquin Arputham Peace and International Settlement
2000 Aruna Roy Community Leadership
1997 Mahesh Chandra Mehta public service
1997 Mahasweta Devi Literature, journalism and creative communication arts
1996 T. N. remainder Government service
1996 Pandurang Athawale Community Leadership
1994 Kiran Bedi Government service
1993 Banu Koyaji public service
1992 Pandit Ravi Shankar Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1991 K. V. Subanna Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1989 Laxmichand Jain public service
1985 Murlidhar Devidas Amte public service
1984 R. K. Laxman Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1982 Chandi Prasad Bhatt Community Leadership
1982 Manibhai Desai public service
1982 Arun Shourie Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1981 Gour Kishore Ghosh Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1981 Pramod Karan Sethi Community Leadership
1979 Rajankant Arol Community Leadership
1979 Mabella Arrol Community Leadership
1977 Ila Ramesh Bhatt Community Leadership
1976 Shambhu Mitra Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1975 B. Yes. Varghese Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1974 M.S.Subbalakshmi public service
1971 M. s. Swaminathan Community Leadership
1967 Satyajit Ray Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts
1966 Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay Community Leadership
1965 Jayaprakash Narayan public service
1963 D. N. scratch Community Leadership
1963 Tribhuvandas Krishibhai Patel Community Leadership
1963 Verghese Kurien Community Leadership
1962 Mother Teresa International Harmony
1961 Amitabh Choudhary Journalism, literature and creative communication
1959 C. D. Deshmukh Government service
1958 Vinoba Bhave Community Leadership

Ramon Magsaysay Award FAQs:

𝒜. In 1957

𝒜. Philippines

𝒜. Raman Magsaysay Award by Foundation

𝒜. On the birth anniversary of Magsaysay

𝒜. Vinoba Bhave

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