Major mountains and peaks of the world

What is a mountain called?

A mountain or mountain is a naturally raised part of the earth's surface, which is usually raised by accident and is larger than a hill. Mountains are mostly in a continuous group. The world's major mountain ranges and peaks are located in which country? Some questions are definitely asked in every exam, so it is very important for your all type of exam preparation.

How many types of mountains are there? There are four types of mountains:

  • Fold mountain
  • Bhrunshotth Parvat or Block Mountain
  • Volcano mountain
  • Residual mountain

Important facts related to mountain or mountains:

  • Block Mountains: When the faults in the rocks cause the central part to sink down and the adjacent parts to rise, they are called block mountains. The submerged part in the middle is called the Rift Valley. The tops of these mountains are flat and the sides are limited by sharp fault-edges. Examples of such mountains are: Vosges (France), Black Forest (Germany), Salt Range (Pakistan)
  • Residual mountains: These mountains are formed as a result of erosion of rocks. Eg: Vindhyachal and Satpura, Nilgiris, Parasnath, Rajmahal hills (India), Sierra (Spain), Gasa and Bute (America)
  • Accumulated mountain: A mountain formed due to accumulation of soil, sand, pebbles, stone lava at one place on the crust is called accumulated mountain. The sand stupas built in the desert fall in this category.
  • Fold Mountains: These are formed by the internal forces of the earth by the bending of the rocks of the surface. These are undulating mountains, on which there are innumerable aptitudes and orientations. Eg: Himalayas, Alps, Ural, Rockies and Andes.
  • The modern theory of the formation of fold mountains is based on the concept of plate tectonics.
  • Where the Himalaya Mountains stand today, there was once a vast landmass called the Tethys Sea. Due to the northward displacement of the southern plateau, the Tethys Sea was forced to rise and rise. This led to the formation of the world's highest mountain, the Himalayas.
  • The Aravalli Mountains of India are counted among the oldest fold mountains in the world. Its highest peak is Gurushikhar near Mount Abu. Its altitude is 1722 meters above sea level. Some scholars consider the Aravalli mountains to be examples of residual mountains.

List of world's major mountain ranges and summits:

Mountain range/peak name Height (in metres) In which country is it located
Andes 4,000 South America
Rocky 4,398.56 North America
Mount Everest 8,850 Nepal
Karakoram (K2) or Godwin Austin 8,611 India
Kangchenjunga 8,586 India
Himalaya Karakoram Hindukush 7,690 India-China-Nepal
Makalu 8,481 Nepal-China
Alps 4,808 Italy-Switzerland
Lhatse 4,050 Nepal
Caucasus 5,642 Georgia
Atlas Mountains 4,167 North-West Africa
Ural 1,895 Russia
Alps 4,810 Central Europe
Cardillera de las 4,980 Western-South America
Great Dividing Range 2,228 Eastern Australia
Aleutian Range Pacific Ocean - Alaska and Northeast
Tien Shan 7,439 South Central Asia
Altai Mountains 4,506 Central Asia
Western Ghats 2,695 West India
Sierra Madre Oriental 3,700 Mexico
Choyu / Cho Oyu 8,188 Nepal
Dhaulagiri 1 8,167 Nepal-China
Manaslu 8,163 Nepal
Annapurna 1 8091 Nepal
Gasherbrum 1 / Hidden Mountains / K5 8,080 Pakistan
Broad Peak 8051 Pakistan
Gasherbrum 2 8035 Pakistan
Shishapangma 8,027 Pakistan
Gyachungkang 7,952 China
Himalchuli 7,893 Nepal
Distgil sir 7,884 Pakistan
Noshak 7,492 Afghanistan
Tongshanjiabu 7,207 Bhutan-China
Sunanda Devi 7,434 India
Rimo 3 7,233 India
Mana Mountain 7,272 India
Keerat Chuli 7,362 India
Rimo 1 7,385 India
Mamostong Kangri 7,516

Mountain Ranges of The World FAQs:

in nepal

Godwin Sleeve (K2)


as a part of the Karakoram range

Ural Mountains

Sahyadri Range


Andes mountain

K2 (Godwin Austin)

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