Names, Years and Countries of International Booker Prize Winners:

International Booker Prize:

The International Booker Prize for Fiction, also known as the Man Booker Prize or Booker Prize for short. The award is given annually to an original English novel written by a Commonwealth of Independent States or citizen of Ireland. The winner of the International Booker Prize in the year 2020 was "Douglas Stuart" of the Scottish country. He won this award for his famous book "Shagni Bain". Since 1969, 7 writers of Indian origin have been honored with the International Booker Prize.

International Booker Prize Winners 2023:

Tamil author Perumal Murugan won the International Booker Prize for "Pierre". Murugan, 56, made it to the prestigious list with his 2016 novel "Pierre", translated from Tamil by Anirudhan Vasudevan, becoming the first Tamil author to make it to the long list of 13 works.

About the Booker Prize for Fiction: The Booker Prize for Fiction (previously known as the Booker–McConnell Prize (1969–2001) and the Man Booker Prize (2002–2019), which is awarded in the English language The literary prize is awarded annually to the best novel written in the United Kingdom and published in the United Kingdom, with an amount of £50,000 (approximately US$66,000).

Brief information about the International Booker Prize:

Category of award English writing
Establishment year 1969
Prize money 60 thousand pounds
First winner P. H. Newby
International Booker Prize 2023 Winner Names Perumal Murugan

History of the International Booker Prize:

The International Booker Prize, formerly known as the Man Booker International Prize, has been awarded since 2005 when it was won by Albanian author Ismail Kadre. It is an associate prize of the Booker Prize, given to a novel written in English. The Booker Prize was established in 1969 by the Booker Maconnell Company of England. In this, an amount of 60 thousand pounds is given to the winning author. A long list of novels is first prepared for this award and then the prize winner is announced at the evening banquet on the day of the award.

List of International Booker Prize Winners since 1969:

The year Names of authors Book title Style Country
2023 Perumal Murugan Pierre Novel Tamil
2022 Geetanjali Shree and Daisy Rockwell Tomb of Sand Novel India/USA
2021 Damon Galgut The promise Novel South Africa
2020 Douglas Stuart Shuggie Bain Novel Scottish
2019 Marilyn Booth and Jokha Al Harthy Celestial bodies Novel United Kingdom and Oman
2018 Anna Burns Milkman Novel United Kingdom
2017 George Saunders Lincoln in the Birds Novel United States of America
2016 Paul Beatty The sellout Satirical novel United States of America
2015 Marlon James A Brief History of Seven Killings Historical/Experimental Fiction Jamaica
2014 Richard Flanagan The Narrow Road to the Deep North Historical novel Australia
2013 Elinor Catton The Luminaries Historical novel New Zealand
2012 Hillary Mantle Bring up the bodies Historical novel United monarchy
2011 Julian Barnes The Sense of an Ending Novel United monarchy
2010 Howard Jacobson The Finkler Question Comic novel United monarchy
2009 Hillary Mantle Wolf Hall Historical novel United monarchy
2008 Arvind Adiga The white tiger Novel India
2007 Annie Enright The gathering Novel Ireland
2006 Kiran Desai The Inheritance of Loss Novel India
2005 John Banville The sea Novel Ireland
2004 Alan Hollinghurst The line of beauty Historical novel United monarchy
2003 DBC Pierre Vernon God Little Black comedy Australia/Mexico
2002 Yan Martel life of pie Fantasy and Thriller Novel Canada
2001 Peter Carey True History of the Kelly Gang Historical novel Australia
2000 Margaret Atwood The Blind Assassin Historical novel Canada
1999 J. M. Coetzee Disgrace Novel South Africa/Australia
1998 Ian McEwan Amsterdam Novel United monarchy
1997 Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things Novel India
1996 Graham Swift last orders United monarchy
1995 Pat Barker The ghost road War novels United monarchy
1994 James Kellman How Late It Was, How Late Stream of consciousness United monarchy
1993 Roddy Doyle Paddy Clarke ha ha ha Novel Ireland
1992 Michael Ondotje The english patient Historiographic metafiction Sri Lanka/Canada
1992 Barry Unworth Sacred hunger Historical novel United monarchy
1991 Ben Okri The Famous Road Magical Realism In nigeria
1990 A. S. Bayyat Possession: A Romance Historical novel United monarchy
1989 Kazuo Ishiguro The Remains of Ha Day Historical novel United Monarchy/Japan
1988 Peter Carey Oscar and Lukinda Historical novel Australia
1987 Penelope Lively Moon tiger Novel United monarchy
1986 Kingsley Amis The old devils Comic novel United monarchy
1985 Kerry Hulme the Bone Ficus religiosa Mystery novel New Zealand
1984 Anita Barukner Hotel Du Luck Novel United monarchy
1983 J. M. Coetzee Life and Times of Michael Kay Novel South Africa/Australia
1982 Thomas Kenelli Sachindlers Ark Biographical novels Australia
1981 Salman Rushdie Midnight children Magical Realism United Monarchy/India
1980 William Golding Rights of passage Novel United monarchy
1979 Penelope Fitzgerald Offshore Novel United monarchy
1978 Iris Murdoch The c, The c Philosophical novel Ireland/United Monarchy
1977 Paul Scott Staying on Novel United monarchy
1976 David Story Saville Novel United monarchy
1975 Ruth Praver Jhabwala Heat and dust Historical novel United Monarchy/Germany
1974 Nadine Gordimer The Conservationist Novel South Africa
1974 Stanley Middleton Holiday Novel United monarchy
1973 J G Farrell The Sewage Of Krishnapur Novel United monarchy
1972 John Berger - Experimental novel United monarchy
1971 V.S. Naipaul In a free state Short story Trinidad and Tobago/United Monarchy
1970 Bernice Rubens The elected member Novel United monarchy
1969 P. H. Newby Something to answer for Novel United monarchy

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Man Booker Prize FAQs:

In February 2013, Hilary Mantel became the first author in literary history to win both the Costa Book of the Year Award and the Booker Prize in the same year.

Eleanor Catton MNZM is a New Zealand novelist and screenwriter. Her novel, The Luminaries, won the 2013 Booker Prize, making Catton the youngest author to win the award.

Amitabh Ghosh has been selected among the 10 finalists for the Man Booker International Prize 2015. Ghosh is the only Indian to join it.

The Man Booker Prize is awarded annually for an original English novel written by a citizen of the Commonwealth or Ireland.

VS Naipaul received the Booker Prize in 2001 for the book "Half a Life". The novel is based in India, Africa and Europe (London, Berlin and Portugal).

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