Who is called Vyas Samman?

The Vyas Samman is the second highest literary award, after the Jnanpith Award, for contributions made to Indian literature. This award was given in 1991 by K. K. Birla Foundation started The first Vyas Samman was given in the year 1991 for Ram Vilas Sharma's work 'The Ancient Language Family of India and Hindi'.

Brief Description of Vyas Samman:

Category of award Literature
Establishment year 1991
Prize money 3.50 lakh in cash, a citation and a memento
First winner Ram Vilas Sharma (1991)
last winner Dr Gyan Chaturvedi (2022)
Description Second highest literary award given in India after Jnanpith Award

Vyas Samman 2022

Renowned Hindi writer Dr Gyan Chaturvedi's 2018 satirical Novel 'Pagalkhana' has been selected for the 32nd Vyas Samman 2022. The annual Vyas Samman is given to an outstanding Hindi literary work by an Indian citizen published during the last 10 years. It has prize money of Rs 4 lakh.

Vyas Samman 2021:

Renowned Hindi writer, Asghar Wajahat was conferred with the prestigious Vyas Samman - 2021. He was awarded the 31st Vyas Samman for his play "Mahabali". The Vyas Samman, instituted in 1991, is given by the KK Birla Foundation for an outstanding literary work in Hindi written by an Indian citizen published during the last 10 years. In this, four lakh rupees, citation and plaque are given as an award.

Features and important facts of Vyas Samman:

  • This award is given every year to any literary work in Hindi published within the last 10 years.
  • If in the opinion of the committee, if any work in any year is not of the required level for Vyas Samman, then there is also a provision for not giving the award in that year.
  • According to the rules of Vyasa Samman, the work can be in any genre of literature. Apart from creative literature, other genres like autobiography, fine essay, review and criticism, literature and history of language etc.
  • The uniqueness of Vyas Samman is that it is given to a literary work, not keeping the litterateur in the center.
  • The award is not given posthumously, but may be considered after the selection committee has begun the discussion if the author of the proposed work dies.
  • No other work of the respected author is considered in the future.

List of Vyas Samman winners from the year 1991 till now:

The year Writer's name Work/Novel/Poetry
2022 Dr. Gyan Chaturvedi For the satirical Novel "Pagalkhana"
2021 Asghar Wajahat (2021) For the play "Mahabali"
2020 Prof. Sharad Pagare For the Novel "The Queen of Pataliputra"
2019 Nasira Sharma For Novel paper boat
2018 Lilladher Jagudi Kitne Log Utne Prem (Poems)
2017 Mamta Kalia Dukkham - Sukham (Novel)
2016 Surendra Verma Shami Tree Cutting: From the Side of Padmapakhuri (Novel)
2015 Dr. Sunita Jain Sorry (Poem)
2014 Kamal Kishore Goenka Chronological Study of the Stories of Premchand
2013 Vishwanath Tripathi Byomkesh Darvesh (Memoirs)
2012 Narendra Kohli Neither the Past nor the Future (Novel)
2011 Ramdarsh ​​Mishra Mango Leaves (poem collection)
2010 Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari There will still be some
2009 Amarkant With these weapons
2008 Mannu Bhandari A Story Too (Autobiography)
2007 - -
2006 Parmanand Srivastava Meaning of the poem
2005 Chandrakanta Katha Satisar (Novel)
2004 Mridula Garg Kathgulab (Novel)
2003 Chitra Mudgali Aavan (Novel)
2002 Kailash Bajpayee The Krishna Paksha of the Earth (Management Poem)
2001 Ramesh Chandra Shah Side of criticism
2000 Giriraj Kishore First Contracted (Novel)
1999 Shrilal Shukla Saints of Bisrampur (Novel)
1998 Govind Mishra Assembly of the Five Courts (Novel)
1997 Kedarnath Singh Uttar Kabir and other poems
1996 Prof. Ram Swaroop Chaturvedi Hindi Literature and Development of Sensation
1995 Kunwar Narayan No One Else (poem)
1994 Dharamveer Bharti Dream Still (poem collection)
1993 Girijakumar Mathuri Main Waqt Ke Hoon Samne (Poetry Collection)
1992 Dr. Shiv Prasad Singh Blue Moon (Novel)
1991 Ram Vilas Sharma Ancient language families of India and Hindi

Note: In the year 2007, no work was awarded the Vyas Samman.

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Dr. Kamal Kishore Goenka has been selected for the Vyas Samman for the year 2014. He was given this award for his research book 'Chronological study of Premchand's stories' published in 2012.

Senior Hindi scholar and novelist Surendra Verma to get Vyas Samman for 2016 Eminent Hindi litterateur and playwright Surendra Verma has been selected for the 2016 Vyas Samman for his novel 'Katna Shami Ka Vriksha: Padma Pankhuri Ki Dhar Se'. This novel was published in the year 2010.

Mamta Kalia is an Indian writer, teacher and poet, who writes mainly in Hindi language. He won the Vyas Samman, one of India's richest literary awards, in 2017 for his novel Dukkham Sukkham (Sadness and Happiness).

Narendra Kohli has been honored with the Vyas Samman Award for the year 2012. Narendra Kohli was an Indian writer. Writing in the Hindi language, he is credited with reintroducing the ancient form of epic writing in modern prose.

Vyas Samman is a literary award in India, first presented in 1991. It is awarded annually by the KK Birla Foundation and consists of a cash payment of Rs 4,00,000 (as of 2019).

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