What is Bharat Bharati Award and why is it given?

Bharat Bharati is the biggest literary award of Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan. This award is given through Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow for outstanding contribution in the field of literature. The award carries a memento, anga vastram and an amount of Rs.5 lakh two thousand in the form of Bharat-Bharati Samman. According to Wikipedia, the Bharat Bharati Award was started in the year 1982.

Brief Description of Bharat Bharati Award:

Category of award Literature
Establishment year 1982
Prize money Five lakh two thousand rupees
First winner Mahadevi Verma
Last winner Suryabala (2020)

Bharat Bharti Samman 2020:

Amritsar-based litterateur Pandey Shashibhushan Shitanshu was awarded the highest Bharat Bharti Award of Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute. He was awarded a total prize of Rs eight lakh. Dr. Ram Dushak Singh of Lucknow was decorated with Lohia Sahitya Samman. As a mark of respect, he was given Rs 5 lakh.

A meeting of the Awards Committee was held under the chairmanship of Executive Chairman Dr. Sadanand Prasad Gupta on October 1 to decide on the honors for the year 2020 of Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan. In this, names of scholars were unanimously selected for honors and decisions were also taken on the books published in the year 2020. The highest Bharat Bharti award will be given to Pandey Shashi Bhushan Shitanshu, Amritsar.

List of all Bharat Bharati Winners from 1982 to 2023:

The year The person's name
1982 Mahadevi Verma
1990 Dharamveer Bharti
1998 Jagdish Gupta
2001 Jankivallabh Shastri
2005 Namwar Singh
2006 Parmanand Srivastava
2007 Ramdarsh Mishra
2008 Kedarnath Singh
2008 Ashok Bajpai
2009 Maheep Singh
2010 Kailash Bajpai
2011 Govind Mishra
2012 Gopal Das Neeraj
2013 Dudhnath Singh
2014 Kashi Nath Singh
2015 Dr. Vishwanath Tripathi
2017 Dr. Anand Prakash Dixit
2018 Usha Kiran Khan
2019 Suryabala
2020 Pandey Shashibhushan 'Sheetanshu'

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