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Quick General Knowledge

State LevelUnion territories
Statehood1 November 1956
Total Area492 sq km
Current Chief MinisterN. Rangaswamy
Current GovernorTamilisai Soundararajan
State BirdEudynamys scolopaceus
State FlowerCannonball tree
State AnimalIndian Squirrel
State TreeBael fruit tree
LanguagesTamil, English
State DanceGaradi

Puducherry (पुदुचेरी)

Puducherry is one of the 7 union territories of the country. To the east of this region lies the Bay of Bengal and Tamil Nadu on the remaining three sides. The total area of ​​Puducherry is 497 square kilometers. Puducherry's ancient name was Pondicherry, which was changed to Puducherry in September 2006. The meaning of its name is Nai Basti or New City. Among the union territories, this region is third in terms of area.

Many dynasties like the Chola, Pandya, Vijayanagar and Madurai Sultanates ruled here in ancient times. The territory of India was ruled by the French for about 138 years and even today French architecture and culture can be seen here. In ancient times the region was the main center of trade with France. It merged with India on 01 November 1954 and became a Union Territory in the year 1963.
Puducherry is made up of four separate (unconnected) districts. Puducherry is located 180 kilometers south of Chennai on the east coast of India. Karaikal is located 150 km from Puducherry on the east coast. The official flower of Puducherry is 'Canon'. The official bird of Puducherry is the 'Asian Cuckoo'. The state animal of Puducherry is the 'Squirrel animal'. The state tree of Puducherry is 'Bell'.
Puducherry has a hot and humid climate. The maximum temperature here is 31.5 ° C and the minimum temperature is 23.9 ° C. The average annual rainfall here is 130 cm. Happens till then. It rains from northwest monsoon from July to August and from November to January. There is a summer season from March to July.

The district government in Puducherry appoints the Chief Minister, who is nominated by the Legislative Assembly. He oversees all types of government functions and also handles cabinet and civil services. Like other states, the government of Puducherry also has a Legislative Assembly, which consists of 30 members. The Union Territory of Puducherry has only one Lok Sabha constituency. The two major political parties here are the Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The present Chief Minister of Puducherry is vacant. Presently President's rule is in force in Puducherry from 23 February 2021. The current Deputy Governor (Administrator) of Puducherry is Dr. Tamilisai Saundararajan (Additional Charge) (Lieutenant Governor), he was sworn in as the Deputy Governor of Puducherry on 18 February 2021.

There are many types of small, large and medium scale industries in Puducherry. Major industries in Puducherry are textile, computer hardware, electronics, plastics, bicycle parts, soap, rice bran oil, cotton yarn, handicrafts made of leather, ceramics, hand-drawn paper, old colonial furniture, etc. .
About 24.37% of the people of Puducherry are engaged in agriculture and allied businesses. Paddy is the main crop here. The state is second in pulses production. Other major crops here are rice, lentils, coconut, betel nut, spices, peanuts and chillies. Many types of soil are found in Puducherry including mainly red soil, black soil and coastal alluvial, which prove to be very beneficial for different types of farming.
According to the 2011 census Puducherry has a literacy rate of 86.5%. The population of this union territory is highly educated as compared to the rest of the country. There are many teachings here, mainly Puducherry Engineering College, Puducherry University, Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Shiksha Sri Aurobindo International Center, Vivekananda College, Indian Institute of Management, Acharya Shiksha. Temple, Sharda Gangadharan College and Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute etc.
Puducherry has a wide variety of small, large and medium scale industries. The major industries of Puducherry include textiles, computer hardware, electronics, plastics, cycle parts, soap, rice bran oil, cotton yarn, handcrafted leather goods, pottery, hand crafted paper, old colonial furniture etc.
According to the 2011 census Puducherry has a population of about 1,244,464. Puducherry has a population density of 2,598 sq. Per km. is. The sex ratio is 1031 females per 1000 males.
Women prefer to wear saree with blouse and long skirt. Women avoid excessive short and beach wear as they can attract unwanted attention of people. Nudity is also not allowed in Pondicherry. The natives of Pondicherry are of Tamil origin.
The culture of Puducherry is multinational and cosmopolitan in nature. Due to the influence of different cultures this small place has turned into a very attractive multicultural city which has its own characteristics. Like other states and union territories of India, people of Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain, Sikh and Buddhism also reside here. Puducherry is a popular dance of Podikazhi. Influenced by East and West culture, Puducherry offers unique objects such as handcrafted leather wares, pottery, hand-drawn paper, incense and old colonial furniture.
Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and French are the official languages here. Most of the residents here speak English, Tamil, French, Telugu and Malayalam languages. Schools here teach in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu as well as English and French.
Among the main dishes of Puducherry are vegetable curry, coconut curry, soya dosa, Italian baked bean, assad, tandoori potato, stuffed cabbage and podanlangkal.
Here in Puducherry, people of all religions (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian) celebrate their 2 festivals with great pomp. The main festivals here include Pongal, Masi Magam, Good Friday, Akshaya Tritiya and Bestile Day etc.
The Adi Dravidians are the numerically largest Scheduled Caste with a population of 113,013, which is 71.6 percent of the Union Territory's Scheduled Caste population; They are followed by Parayans at 26,658 (16.9 per cent), Adi Andhra at 4,606 (2.9 per cent) and Valluvan 3,915 (2.5 per cent).
Considered one of the most beautiful cities of India, Puducherry attracts tourists from all over the world every year. Other major tourist destinations here are Botanical Garden, Paradise Beach, Auroville Beach, Park Monument, Arikamedu, Anand Ranga Pillai Mahal, Duplex Statue, Villannur, Chidambaram, Shinji, French War Memorial, Museum in Pondicherry, Sri Gokilambal Tirukameshwara Temple, Varadaraja Perumal Temple and Panchavati Panchmukh Anjaneya Temple, Chidambaram, Shinji, Arikamedu, Osudu Lake, Sair Beach, Shanti Beach, Swarg (Paradise) Beach, Auroville Beach, etc. are quite famous.

There are a total of 04 districts in Puducherry. According to the 2011 census, Puducherry is the largest district in North West Puducherry on the basis of population.

The following are the 04 districts in Puducherry: Puducherry, Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe.

Puducherry FAQs:

The capital of Puducherry is Puducherry.

The current Lt. Governor/Administrator of Puducherry is Tamilisai Soundararajan.

Garadi is the main folk dance of Puducherry.

The official language of Puducherry is Tamil, English.

The state animal of Puducherry is Indian Squirrel and the state bird is Eudynamys scolopaceus.

Puducherry has a state flower Cannonball tree and a state tree Bael fruit tree.

Puducherry is spread over an area of 492 sq km with the total of districts.

Puducherry was established on 1 November 1956, after which Puducherry got the status of Union Territory of India.

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