Data Protection Day is celebrated to create awareness about the privacy of information, importance of data protection and its context. The celebration was initiated by the Council of Europe in 2006, but 28 January was chosen because it was on this day that the Council of Europe held a data protection convention known as "Convention 108".

The theme for Data Protection Day 2023 is "Think of the Consequences First".

What is data?

  • Data is a collection of information that can be easily read by a computer.
  • All kinds of accepted facts, specified principles, names of persons, things, places etc., facts, descriptions and figures related to them are called data.
  • The huge amount of data is called Big Data. It can be collected, stored and analyzed for information of a certain pattern.

Due to data loss:

Data loss is losing important personal or organization information stored on a computer network or mobile. There can be many reasons for this which are as follows

  • Incorrect operation of the storage device
  • School failure
  • lack of user information
  • Virus attack
  • Natural disaster like flood earthquake fire
  • Database Violation System Failure

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