School of Eminence 2023

The School of Eminence scheme has been launched by Bhagwat Singh Mann of Punjab on 21 January 2023. Under this, 117 government schools in 23 districts of Punjab will be upgraded, in which special attention will be given to class 9th to 12th. Due to the Punjab School of Eminence scheme, more and more people will be able to teach their children in government schools because these schools will be made so much better that information about all areas will be kept after reading from them.

The main objective of the School of Eminence scheme is to improve the quality of education in government schools. The Punjab state government has also kept a budget of Rs 200 crore for this scheme.

Features of School of Eminence Scheme:

  • School of Eminence scheme will be implemented in all government schools of the state i.e. 117 government schools of Punjab will be updated under this scheme.
  • After studying in these schools, the children came out in every field.
  • Under the School of Eminence scheme, the Punjab state government has set a budget of Rs 200 crore, based on which all government schools will be ranked.
  • This scheme will be involved in the all round development of the children.
  • Under the School of Eminence option, children will be given education in other trends along with Zed education.

  Last update :  21 January 2023
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