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Find Hindi meaning of Abrupt. Build English vocabulary online and learn similar words, opposite words and uses of "Abrupt" in sentences with examples. "Abrupt" का मतलब हिंदी में जानिये और अंग्रेजी की शब्दावली सुधारें।

Definition of "Abrupt"

adjectivesuddenly and unexpected

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Abrupt"

Hindi Meaning of Abruptजल्दबाजी भरा, आकस्मिक, असंलग्न, विषम, असम्बद्ध, अचानक अप्रत्यशीत
Synonyms of AbruptHurried, Sudden, Blunt
Antonyms of AbruptSmooth, Gradual, Courteous

Related Synonyms of "Abrupt" with Hindi meaning

Bluntकुण्ड, भोथरा, स्पष्वादी, उजडड, कुण्ठित, रुख, कुण्ठित करना, मंद करना
Brusqueअशिष्ट, रुखा, संक्षिप्त, कठोर, कर्कश, भारी, कड़ा, परतदार, चिड़चिड़ा
Curtअल्प, कम, रुखा, कठोर, संक्षिप्त, स्पष्ट, अशिष्ट
Steepढलवा, अत्यधिक, ओत-प्रोत करना, कड़ा, भिगोना

Use of "Abrupt" word in sentences, examples

  • Ex-Moderna CSO resurfaces at PureTech after abrupt departure
  • Euro slumps as Draghi signals no abrupt end to quantitative easing
  • South Sudan markets in Juba reopen after abrupt closure
  • Evercar leaves people wondering with its abrupt shutdown
  • Snow across Alberta brings fall harvest to abrupt standstill
  • It was an abrupt raining in winter season.
  • Politicians have forgotten to respect opposition party members and are giving abrupt reply to each other in front of media.
  • This abrupt road caused a number of hazardous accidents.
  • I could not prepare well for the presentation; anyways I managed to finish it with abrupt ending.
  • You can see a spellbinding sun fall over the abrupt descent on the hill.

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