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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionsleepy and lethargic
Hindi Meaning of Drowsyनिद्रालु, ऊँघते हुए, जंभाई लेना, उनींदा महसूस करना, उबासी
Synonyms of DrowsyDozy, Sleepy, Slumberous
Antonyms of DrowsyAlert, Awake, Lively

Use of "Drowsy" word in sentences, examples

  • Number of drowsy driving crashes rising
  • Sixty percent of adults say they have been behind the wheel when they are drowsy; 37 percent have actually fallen asleep while driving.
  • But one of the top causes of serious accidents in Canada is plain old drowsiness. 
  • Troopers with Florida Highway Patrol say there is another kind of hazardous driving on the rise: drowsy driving. 
  • Funny faces of drowsy pets captured during and after surgery

Similar words of "Drowsy"

Alertचौकन्ना, चौकस, सतर्क, फुर्तीला,तेज़, चेतावनी, संकट, सुचना, आकुल स्थिति, सावधान करना
Slumberousउनींदा, मुर्ख, निर्दालू, नींद से बोझिल, ऊंघता हुआ

Drowsy FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Drowsy is, निद्रालु, ऊँघते हुए, जंभाई लेना, उनींदा महसूस करना, उबासी.

Similar words for Drowsy are Dozy, Sleepy, Slumberous.

The Definition of Drowsy is sleepy and lethargic.

Alert, Awake, Lively, are antonyms of the Drowsy word.

Drowsy is a Adjective word.

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