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Word TypeNoun
Word DefinitionMassachusetts
Hindi Meaning of Concordअविरोध, एकता, मेल, मैत्री, सहयोग, समझौता, अन्वय, अन्विति, मेल खाना
Synonyms of ConcordAccord, Harmony, Rapport
Antonyms of ConcordDiscord, Disunity, Disagreement

Use of "Concord" word in sentences, examples

  • Because the military is a diverse body, its personnel must work in concord with people of all races and cultures.
  • My husband and I are in concord about our teenage daughter not spending the night with her boyfriend.
  • When Jack and Jill got divorced, they promised to work in concord to make the best decisions for their children.
  • After days of deliberation, the jury finally reached concord and was able to give the judge a verdict.
  • The war will end when the two countries reach a concord on the disputed territory that aligns their borders.

Similar words of "Concord"

Altercationझगड़ा, विवाद, कलह, कहा-सुनी, बहस, बखेड़ा, तर्क-वितर्क, प्रतिवाद, विरोध
Comityभद्रता, भलमनसाहत, शिष्टता, शिष्टाचाल, सौजन्य, सोहाद्र, सज्जनता
Conflictसंघर्ष करना, विरोध करना, लड़ाई करना, युद्ध करना, विरोध करना, प्रतिकूल होना
Dissonanceअसंगति, कर्कशता, बेसुरापन, विभिन्नता, विस्वरता, अंतर, असहमति, मतभेद
Spatकहा-सुनी, बेमतलब कर झगड़ा, ताली बजाना, अण्डे देना, अभिनन्दन करना, झगड़ना
Treatyसन्धि, समझोता, अनुबंध, सुलहनामा, मेल, वार्ता
Varianceअंतर, असहमति, झगड़ा, परिवर्तनशीलता, प्रसरण, फुट, भिन्नता, मतभेद, विरोध, फेरबदल

Concord FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Concord is, अविरोध, एकता, मेल, मैत्री, सहयोग, समझौता, अन्वय, अन्विति, मेल खाना.

Similar words for Concord are Accord, Harmony, Rapport.

The Definition of Concord is Massachusetts.

Discord, Disunity, Disagreement, are antonyms of the Concord word.

Concord is a Noun word.

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