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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionlack of harmony between people
Hindi Meaning of Dissonanceअसंगति, कर्कशता, बेसुरापन, विभिन्नता, विस्वरता, अंतर, असहमति, मतभेद
Synonyms of DissonanceClash, Conflict, Confrontation
Antonyms of DissonanceAgreement, Concord, Harmony

Use of "Dissonance" word in sentences, examples

  • Clearly many Christians believe they can vote for Donald Trump with a clear conscience. This apparent cognitive dissonance bewilders me.
  • His cruel abuse showed a dissonance with his loving words.
  • If Congress can explain the dissonance between their promises and their actual results, the public would be happy to hear the explanation.
  • There is a great deal of dissonance between what a liar says and does.
  • Although the pastor preached about the importance of marriage, his dissonance became obvious when he fell in love with a married woman.

Similar words of "Dissonance"

Consensusआम राय, सामज्जस्य, अनुकूलता, ऐक्य, मतैक्य, सर्वसम्मति

Dissonance FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dissonance is, असंगति, कर्कशता, बेसुरापन, विभिन्नता, विस्वरता, अंतर, असहमति, मतभेद.

Similar words for Dissonance are Clash, Conflict, Confrontation.

The Definition of Dissonance is lack of harmony between people.

Agreement, Concord, Harmony, are antonyms of the Dissonance word.

Dissonance is a Noun word.

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