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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionto make someone feel intimidated
Hindi Meaning of Dauntडराना, धमकाना, भयभीत, निरुत्साह, हतोत्साहित करना, भी दिखाना, चौकन्ना
Synonyms of DauntAppall, Consternate, Dismay
Antonyms of DauntAssist, Embolden, Incite

Use of "Daunt" word in sentences, examples

  • Campus welcome weeks daunt incoming students
  • All the boozing and bingeing doesn't daunt our health devouts. 
  • However, she said, “None of the threats in the Sinai daunt us.
  • The sheer scale and audacity of Ramdev's dreams would daunt a feebler mind.
  • The Blues didn't let the early set-back daunt them and began building up play with big spells of possession

Daunt FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Daunt is, डराना, धमकाना, भयभीत, निरुत्साह, हतोत्साहित करना, भी दिखाना, चौकन्ना.

Similar words for Daunt are Appall, Consternate, Dismay.

The Definition of Daunt is to make someone feel intimidated.

Assist, Embolden, Incite, are antonyms of the Daunt word.

Daunt is a Verb word.

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