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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiontemporarily unable
Hindi Meaning of Dumbगूंगा, भोला, मूक, मौन, सीधा
Synonyms of DumbInarticuiate, Mute, Silent
Antonyms of DumbArticulate, Vocal, Smart

Use of "Dumb" word in sentences, examples

  • She was born deaf and dumb.
  • How dumb he is! He could not solve a simple sum of percentage.
  • He has acute knowledge about social reforms but he kept dumb in the group discussion.
  • They found their hosts dumb when the kids started to scatter the toys here and there.
  • The Bollywood directors are always criticized for dumbing down the concept

Similar words of "Dumb"

Inarticulateअव्यक्त, अस्पष्ट, अस्फुट, मूक, व्यक्त करने में असमर्थ
Muteमौन, चुप्पी, शान्ति, नि:शब्द
Obtuseमुर्ख, सुस्त, अति, अतीव, गेहं, गदा, गणिभूत, अचेतन, असंवेदनशील, निष्ठुर

Dumb FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dumb is, गूंगा, भोला, मूक, मौन, सीधा .

Similar words for Dumb are Inarticuiate, Mute, Silent.

The Definition of Dumb is temporarily unable.

Articulate, Vocal, Smart, are antonyms of the Dumb word.

Dumb is a Adjective word.

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