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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitiondiminish gradually in size
Hindi Meaning of Dwindleघटना, सिकुड़ना, काम होना, क्षीण होना, कमी आना, घटाना
Synonyms of DwindleAbate, Diminish, Decrease
Antonyms of DwindleEnhance, Intensity, Magnify

Use of "Dwindle" word in sentences, examples

  • Closure looms for Wellington's Tawa Girl Guidies as volunteer numbers dwindle. 
  • But, in recent years, state funds have dwindled and left cities and towns with a larger share of the cost of those projects. 
  • Asia's oil markets are tightening as China cuts output, fuel stocks dwindle.
  • Water supply in Dartmouth and surrounding area continues to dwindle
  • Sunrise Radio National listeners dwindle.

Similar words of "Dwindle"

Abateधीमा, मध्यम, मन्द, शान्त, कम करना, घटाना, रोकना, उपशमन, निवारण, समाप्त करना
Accrueबढ़ना, मिलना, इकठ्ठा करना, एकत्र करना, उत्पन्न, उपचय, लाभ, प्राप्ति होना, जमा करना, निकलना
Diminishमहत्व घटना, घटाना, काम करना, काम होना, क्षीण करना, काम हो जाना, गिरावट होना, ह्रास होना

Dwindle FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dwindle is, घटना, सिकुड़ना, काम होना, क्षीण होना, कमी आना, घटाना.

Similar words for Dwindle are Abate, Diminish, Decrease.

The Definition of Dwindle is diminish gradually in size.

Enhance, Intensity, Magnify, are antonyms of the Dwindle word.

Dwindle is a Verb word.

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