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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionthreats or violence
Hindi Meaning of Duressदबाब, बल-प्रयोग, बाध्यता, कैद, अवरोध, कारावास
Synonyms of DuressCoercions, Compulsion, Constraint
Antonyms of DuressIndependence, Freedom, Liberty

Use of "Duress" word in sentences, examples

  • However, judge Tom O'Donnell said a psychiatric report on Ryan noted he was acting out of duress from someone he was in fear of.
  • Diane James wrote "under duress" in Latin on her registration forms when taking over as leader, Ukip's Lisa Duffy has claimed.
  • He said he pleaded guilty under duress, threats and false promises.
  • If you do choose University Police as a guardian, they will only see your location if your session expires or there is a duress or emergency alert.
  • “He made some throws that only really elite players can make under duress. 

Similar words of "Duress"

Constraintबाध्यता, मज़बूरी, रोक, लाचारी, व्यवरोध, अभिनव, असहजता, कृत्रिमता, दबाव

Duress FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Duress is, दबाब, बल-प्रयोग, बाध्यता, कैद, अवरोध, कारावास.

Similar words for Duress are Coercions, Compulsion, Constraint.

The Definition of Duress is threats or violence.

Independence, Freedom, Liberty, are antonyms of the Duress word.

Duress is a Noun word.

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