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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionbeat someone repeatedly
Hindi Meaning of Drubbingठुकाई-पिटाई, भरी, हार, मार, विस्पन्दन, असफलता, पराजय, विध्वंश
Synonyms of DrubbingHeating, Defeat, Thrashing
Antonyms of DrubbingAid, Assistance, Protection

Use of "Drubbing" word in sentences, examples

  • UNC volleyball completes weekend sweep with drubbing of Louisville
  • Green Archers merciless in 43-point drubbing of Tigers
  • Sarsfields drubbing made us. 
  • Trump's debate drubbing won't mean much
  • Pina pilots Central men in soccer drubbing of Coe.

Drubbing FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Drubbing is, ठुकाई-पिटाई, भरी, हार, मार, विस्पन्दन, असफलता, पराजय, विध्वंश .

Similar words for Drubbing are Heating, Defeat, Thrashing.

The Definition of Drubbing is beat someone repeatedly.

Aid, Assistance, Protection, are antonyms of the Drubbing word.

Drubbing is a Verb word.

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