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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionleave a ship or aircraft.
Hindi Meaning of Debarkउतरना, उतारना, निर्धारित करना, ढलना, अपरोहण, निचे आना
Synonyms of DebarkDisembark, Land, Descend
Antonyms of DebarkEmbark, Get On, Leave

Use of "Debark" word in sentences, examples

  • These children debark their bus, assemble on a grassy area at the North Gate while their teacher checks in at our tent. 
  • Passengers and crew debark the Holland America Line cruise ship Volendam on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 at the Port of Juneau.
  • A kid whose mother said she understood why they had to debark from the plane, but could not fathom her fellow human beings' reaction.
  • Fitzgerald has performed debark surgeries as a last resort in the past.
  • Commonly known as “debarking” or “devocalization,” ventriculocordectomy is a procedure that silences dogs permanently through surgery.

Debark FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Debark is, उतरना, उतारना, निर्धारित करना, ढलना, अपरोहण, निचे आना.

Similar words for Debark are Disembark, Land, Descend.

The Definition of Debark is leave a ship or aircraft..

Embark, Get On, Leave, are antonyms of the Debark word.

Debark is a Verb word.

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