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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona bird or mammal
Hindi Meaning of Decoyफंडा, चारा, झांसा, दम, प्रलोभन, बरगलाना, लुभाना, प्रलोभन देने वाला, व्यक्ति
Synonyms of DecoyAllurement, Camouflage, Deception
Antonyms of DecoyUprightness, Frankness, Honesty

Use of "Decoy" word in sentences, examples

  • Superbug lobs decoys to evade antibiotic
  • “I first used these decoys on a bowhunting trip to Mexico last year,” said the owner and operator of Big O's.
  • One of the more interesting gadgets revealed is the decoy for the Scout class. 
  • After drug bust, Cyberabad cops plan decoy operations
  • The MIU launched a decoy operation and contacted the numbers mentioned on the website and were directed to another number.

Decoy FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Decoy is, फंडा, चारा, झांसा, दम, प्रलोभन, बरगलाना, लुभाना, प्रलोभन देने वाला, व्यक्ति.

Similar words for Decoy are Allurement, Camouflage, Deception.

The Definition of Decoy is a bird or mammal.

Uprightness, Frankness, Honesty, are antonyms of the Decoy word.

Decoy is a Noun word.

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