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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitiondiminish in value over a period of time.
Hindi Meaning of Depreciateमूल्य घटना, अवमूल्यन करना, तुच्छ समझना, कीमत, अवमानित करना
Synonyms of DepreciateDevalue, Downgrade, Denigrate
Antonyms of DepreciateFain, Raise, Increase

Use of "Depreciate" word in sentences, examples

  • 27 stocks depreciate as market capitalisation sheds N164bn
  • As well as being the fastest selling car in its price and power sector the Ford Mustang is now proving to be the slowest depreciating too.
  • The second myth is that a lot of people believe that if you depreciate the rupee drastically, then it will improve India's exports over time.
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is doubling down on its call that the pound has further room to depreciate.
  • However, the fall in global gold prices may not reflect in India as the rupee is expected to depreciate proportionately against the dollar, he said.

Similar words of "Depreciate"

Appriseजताना, बतलाना, सुचना देना, सूचित करना, अवगत कराना, विदित कराना, मुद्रस्फीति करना
Decryदोष लगाना, अपवाद होना, निन्दा करना, बदनाम करना
Exaggerateडींग हांकना, अत्युक्ति करना, बड़ा-चढ़ाकर कहना, शेखी बघारना, अति करना

Depreciate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Depreciate is, मूल्य घटना, अवमूल्यन करना, तुच्छ समझना, कीमत, अवमानित करना.

Similar words for Depreciate are Devalue, Downgrade, Denigrate.

The Definition of Depreciate is diminish in value over a period of time..

Fain, Raise, Increase, are antonyms of the Depreciate word.

Depreciate is a Verb word.

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