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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionlose or be without hope.
Hindi Meaning of Despairपूर्ण निराशा, हताशा, हतोत्साह, सुस्त, मन्द,दुःख, क्षोभ
Synonyms of DespairAnguish, Dejection, Melancholy
Antonyms of DespairJoy, Cheerfulness, Happiness

Use of "Despair" word in sentences, examples

  • There are many reasons to feel despair with the state of the world today. 
  • "You are obligated not to despair," Thomas said. "Now about our country, yeah things may not look good. 
  • Latest report about Henrikh Mkhitaryan will make Manchester United fans despair. 
  • Stress, despair in care of children with autism. 
  • The refugee crisis fills us with despair but it can be a chance for hope and kindness. 

Similar words of "Despair"

Griefदुःख, क्षोभ, पश्चाताप, मातम, शोक, सन्ताप, निराशा, अफ़सोस, खेद, गम

Despair FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Despair is, पूर्ण निराशा, हताशा, हतोत्साह, सुस्त, मन्द,दुःख, क्षोभ .

Similar words for Despair are Anguish, Dejection, Melancholy.

The Definition of Despair is lose or be without hope..

Joy, Cheerfulness, Happiness, are antonyms of the Despair word.

Despair is a Verb word.

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