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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionlacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm.
Hindi Meaning of Desultoryअसंगत, असम्बद्ध, बेसिल्सिला, लक्ष्यहीन, उद्देश्यहीन, अनियमित, अस्थिर
Synonyms of DesultoryAimless, Haphazard, Chaotic
Antonyms of DesultoryPointed, Purposeful, Resolute

Use of "Desultory" word in sentences, examples

  • A desultory shopkeeper sells scarves for ten rupees outside the temple.
  • In other words, he'd decided to commemorate a desultory in-game effort with a desultory postgame effort.
  • Though I haven't listened to Bob Dylan in decades, I have kept up with him in a desultory way. 
  • After a rather desultory answer about Clinton's actions, Mook then moved on to the Russians.
  • But sprinkled among the desultory morass are occasional firecrackers of brilliant schtick-based comedy.

Similar words of "Desultory"

Randomअनियमित, आकस्मिक, यादृच्छिक, निरुद्देश्य

Desultory FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Desultory is, असंगत, असम्बद्ध, बेसिल्सिला, लक्ष्यहीन, उद्देश्यहीन, अनियमित, अस्थिर.

Similar words for Desultory are Aimless, Haphazard, Chaotic.

The Definition of Desultory is lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm..

Pointed, Purposeful, Resolute, are antonyms of the Desultory word.

Desultory is a Adjective word.

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