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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona person who strongly opposes change
Hindi Meaning of Diehardअटल, अविचल, अनवरत, हठीला, अडिग, निर्मम, कटटर, जिद्दी
Synonyms of DiehardAdamant, Grim, Incompliant
Antonyms of DiehardMerciful, Amenable, Facile

Use of "Diehard" word in sentences, examples

  • In addition to celebrity contributions, the trailer also promised an intimate look at diehard Rush fans.
  • So the decked out diehard hoppd a bus from Hammond Indiana to be in Cleveland, amidst Cubs fans hoping to find a Game 1 ticket.
  • There is no question what the highlight of the Toronto Blue Jays' season is for diehard fan Ed Chee.
  • Madih said that Oppo has provided wallpaper with the team's colours for diehardBarcelona fans.
  • My father's mother was a diehard Democrat.

Diehard FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Diehard is, अटल, अविचल, अनवरत, हठीला, अडिग, निर्मम, कटटर, जिद्दी.

Similar words for Diehard are Adamant, Grim, Incompliant.

The Definition of Diehard is a person who strongly opposes change.

Merciful, Amenable, Facile, are antonyms of the Diehard word.

Diehard is a Noun word.

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