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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionthings so unlike that there is no basis for comparison
Hindi Meaning of Disparateपृथक, अलक, एकांत, अकेला, असमं, भिन्न, विविध, विविधतापूर्ण, असंगत
Synonyms of DisparateDivergent, Diverse, Unlike
Antonyms of DisparateAlike, Equal, Similar

Use of "Disparate" word in sentences, examples

  • The defendants moved to dismiss the disparate-impact claim on the grounds that § 4(a)(2) of the Act does not apply to job applicants.
  • Is there such a thing as a disparate impact age claim? 
  • United States government bonds trade mixed on disparate economic data
  • The deal was led by ITSM to consolidate 66 disparate tools and augmented by ITOM to deliver lights-out automation. 
  • “Social justice activists are very focused on disparate treatment of individuals.

Similar words of "Disparate"

Analogousसद्रश, अनुरूप, समरूप, तुल्य, सहधर्मी, समवर्ती, सहसार्थक, समान

Disparate FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Disparate is, पृथक, अलक, एकांत, अकेला, असमं, भिन्न, विविध, विविधतापूर्ण, असंगत.

Similar words for Disparate are Divergent, Diverse, Unlike.

The Definition of Disparate is things so unlike that there is no basis for comparison.

Alike, Equal, Similar, are antonyms of the Disparate word.

Disparate is a Noun word.

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