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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitiona huge difference
Hindi Meaning of Disparityविषमता अन्तर, असमानता, असादृश्य, भेद, अंतराल, फर्क
Synonyms of DisparityDiscrepancy, Divergence, Difference
Antonyms of DisparityEquality, Similarity, Sameness

Use of "Disparity" word in sentences, examples

  • Using that information, as well as other data from the department and the Census Bureau, they found the disparities.
  • Yet, disparities in the quality of education continue to exist, including in some districts which receive higher per pupil amounts. 
  • The disparity is occurring even though studies show the two groups use illicit drugs at the same rate.
  • The dearth of specific solutions in Walsh's speech underscores the challenge of addressing racial disparities. 
  • A troubling disparity that a recent study in Supportive Care in Cancer focused on. 

Similar words of "Disparity"

Discrepancyअन्तर, असंगति, असहमति, विभेद, विरुद्धता, विरोध, विसंगति

Disparity FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Disparity is, विषमता अन्तर, असमानता, असादृश्य, भेद, अंतराल, फर्क.

Similar words for Disparity are Discrepancy, Divergence, Difference.

The Definition of Disparity is a huge difference.

Equality, Similarity, Sameness, are antonyms of the Disparity word.

Disparity is a Noun word.

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