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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionstop someone from concentrating something
Hindi Meaning of Distractध्यान भंग करना, ध्यान खीचना, क्रमभंग करना, उपद्रव करना, गड़बड़ करना
Synonyms of DistractDisturb, Flurry, Fluster
Antonyms of DistractAppease, Reassure, Pacify

Use of "Distract" word in sentences, examples

  • How 75 pending lawsuits could distract a Donald Trump presidency
  • With the other team distracted, Tanner Evans threw a perfect pass to Tyler Edmundson, who ran for a touchdown.
  • Why would you want to read about bad worlds as a distraction to our increasingly dismal situation? I'm glad you asked. 
  • Kids hooked on screen time? See how NOTHING distracts these kids from their iPads
  • "The hysteria is simply to distract the American people from the contents of what the hackers have posted."

Similar words of "Distract"

Elucidateसमझाना, स्पष्ट करना, वर्णित करना, व्याख्या करना, विशुद्ध करना, समाधान करना
Rivetकील, किलक, खूंटा, किलक लगाना, खूंटी जड़ना, ध्यान आकर्षित करना, चित्त एकाग्र करना

Distract FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Distract is, ध्यान भंग करना, ध्यान खीचना, क्रमभंग करना, उपद्रव करना, गड़बड़ करना .

Similar words for Distract are Disturb, Flurry, Fluster.

The Definition of Distract is stop someone from concentrating something.

Appease, Reassure, Pacify, are antonyms of the Distract word.

Distract is a Verb word.

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