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Word TypeVerb
Word Definitionbe indecisive.
Hindi Meaning of Ditherघबराहट, दुविधा, असमजस, फड़फड़ाना, व्याकुल, बेचें होना, अभिभूत होना
Synonyms of DitherFalter, Halt, Hesitate
Antonyms of DitherCarry On, Continue, Go On

Use of "Dither" word in sentences, examples

  • Wall Street lower as Fed appears to dither on interest rates
  • In other words, there's no excuse for Ottawa to dither.
  • “As for the city, they don't dither, they don't argue, they don't cause problems. They just pay what is needed.” 
  • For instance, delay and dither over renewal of licence conditions is plain unwarranted.
  • As always, we shall issue an update should the market dither out with the above parameters.

Dither FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dither is, घबराहट, दुविधा, असमजस, फड़फड़ाना, व्याकुल, बेचें होना, अभिभूत होना.

Similar words for Dither are Falter, Halt, Hesitate.

The Definition of Dither is be indecisive..

Carry On, Continue, Go On, are antonyms of the Dither word.

Dither is a Verb word.

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