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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionexpressing sorrow
Hindi Meaning of Dolefulखिन्न, नाराज, दुखी, उदास, संजीदा, विषादपूर्ण, शोकाकुल, विलापी, फरियादी
Synonyms of DolefulDolorous, Mournful, Plaintive
Antonyms of DolefulGleeful, Joyous, Elated

Use of "Doleful" word in sentences, examples

  • Above all, who can live long in a society where endemic violence is a clear symptom of its doleful absence of love? Conclusion.
  • Macarena Arias who plays the titular role of Alba speaks volumes with her dolefuleyes.
  • In addition to jobs and wages, the situation with pension allocation in Armenia is also doleful
  • Now, two weeks on, deep in the somber, doleful, gathering dark of mid-October, the world is a very different place. 
  • For instance, in the film, the doleful ballad Bekas pe karam kijiye benefits from a compelling 'dual persona' of actor and playback singer.

Doleful FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Doleful is, खिन्न, नाराज, दुखी, उदास, संजीदा, विषादपूर्ण, शोकाकुल, विलापी, फरियादी.

Similar words for Doleful are Dolorous, Mournful, Plaintive.

The Definition of Doleful is expressing sorrow.

Gleeful, Joyous, Elated, are antonyms of the Doleful word.

Doleful is a Adjective word.

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