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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definition unfashionable for a person or his cloth style
Hindi Meaning of Dowdyफूहड़, भद्दा, पुराण, असंगत, असम्बध्द, पुरातन
Synonyms of DowdyFrumpish, Antique, Outdated
Antonyms of DowdyChic, Modern, Fashionable

Use of "Dowdy" word in sentences, examples

  • “You mean my type is an unattractive, dowdy woman?” 
  • Plus-size clothing is shedding its dowdy reputation as more big name stores including Target and Mango introduce larger lines.
  • She's proud, but I don't believe she'd mind, for that dowdy tarlatan is all she has got.
  • Anyway, this weird and dowdy afro-ed dude with unkempt facial hair somehow managed to have a girlfriend.
  • I found it very difficult to explain that I was suffocating in his shop with its dowdy clientele, its less than mediocre performance and its cramped space.

Dowdy FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dowdy is, फूहड़, भद्दा, पुराण, असंगत, असम्बध्द, पुरातन.

Similar words for Dowdy are Frumpish, Antique, Outdated.

The Definition of Dowdy is  unfashionable for a person or his cloth style.

Chic, Modern, Fashionable, are antonyms of the Dowdy word.

Dowdy is a Adjective word.

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