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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitiondepressingly dull and bleak
Hindi Meaning of Drearyनिराशाजनक, निर्जन, नीरस, सुनसान, उदास, निष्प्रभ, अन्धकार, धुंधला, मलिन, फीका
Synonyms of DrearyBleak, Dismal, Gloomy
Antonyms of DrearyBright, Pleasant, Cheerful

Use of "Dreary" word in sentences, examples

  • Our next system crosses through Thursday, making for quite the dreary, damp, and cool day.
  • If only this dreary Tom Cruise franchise had never started - review. 2.
  • I phoned Michael Kuss, a meteorologist at Global TV, to ask him why drearyweather is easier to forecast than, say, a tempest.
  • Man United abandon swagger in favour of caution in dreary draw at Liverpool.
  • Tampa Bay will light up an otherwise dark and dreary division

Similar words of "Dreary"

Lonesomeअकेलापन, निर्जन, एकांत, सुनसान, परित्यक्त, लचर, सुना, असहाय
Pellucidस्वच्छ, चमकीला, साफ़, सुबोध, स्पष्ट, पारदर्शक, निर्मल
Somberउदास, काला, निराषपूर्ण, फीका, मलिन, गंभीर, विषादयुक्त, अंधकारमय
Tediousकठिन, ढीला, धीमा, उबाऊ, शब्दाडंबरपूर्ण, उकताने वाला
Tiresomeउबाऊ, कष्टकर, दु:खदायी, उक्तानेवाला, दु:खद, तकलीफदेह, खेदकर

Dreary FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Dreary is, निराशाजनक, निर्जन, नीरस, सुनसान, उदास, निष्प्रभ, अन्धकार, धुंधला, मलिन, फीका.

Similar words for Dreary are Bleak, Dismal, Gloomy.

The Definition of Dreary is depressingly dull and bleak.

Bright, Pleasant, Cheerful, are antonyms of the Dreary word.

Dreary is a Adjective word.

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