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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioncovered with grit
Hindi Meaning of Grittyअप्रिय, रेतीला, कुरकुरा, कंम्य, रुखा, दानेदार, ढेलेदार, भद्दा मोटा
Synonyms of GrittyCoarse, Grainy, Granular
Antonyms of GrittyFine, Smooth, Refined

Use of "Gritty" word in sentences, examples

  • “It was a gritty road win for us,” head coach Steve Konowalchuk said. “I thought their team was definitely ready to play but so was ours.
  • The gritty victory lifts Munster back up to second place in the Pro12 table ahead of Saturday's remaining round five fixtures. 
  • Unlike the said Power Rangers series of the past, the reboot is more gritty and less silly in its approach. 
  • Then came retweets and regrams of director James Mangold's series of gritty black and white images.
  • But gritty people know that we are all bound to fail at one point, or several.

Gritty FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gritty is, अप्रिय, रेतीला, कुरकुरा, कंम्य, रुखा, दानेदार, ढेलेदार, भद्दा मोटा.

Similar words for Gritty are Coarse, Grainy, Granular.

The Definition of Gritty is covered with grit.

Fine, Smooth, Refined, are antonyms of the Gritty word.

Gritty is a Adjective word.

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