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Word Typenoun
Word Definitiona complaint.
Hindi Meaning of Grumbleबड़बड़ाहट, शिकायत, गड़गड़ाहट, कुड़कुड़ाना, भुनभुनाना, गुर्राना, शिकायत करना
Synonyms of GrumbleGrunt, Murmur, Mutter
Antonyms of GrumbleCompliment, Praise, Appreciate

Use of "Grumble" word in sentences, examples

  • If the Lions had given it 100 per cent only to be beaten by a better side, it would be hard to grumble.
  • For practicality, the only possible grumble could be a lack of headroom in the rear, but you'd have to be really tall for this to be an issue.
  • For all their attacking flair, Wenger does not grumble at a 0-0 – no team has kept more clean sheets in the top flight than Arsenal in 2016.
  • When we grumble, we insert ourselves into the center of our universe and make life all about us.
  • “That's unfortunate,” you grumble, but think nothing of it as you follow the signs down a dimly lit hallway to a door marked bathroom. 

Grumble FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Grumble is, बड़बड़ाहट, शिकायत, गड़गड़ाहट, कुड़कुड़ाना, भुनभुनाना, गुर्राना, शिकायत करना.

Similar words for Grumble are Grunt, Murmur, Mutter.

The Definition of Grumble is a complaint..

Compliment, Praise, Appreciate, are antonyms of the Grumble word.

Grumble is a noun word.

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