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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioneasily persuaded to believe something
Hindi Meaning of Gullibleसीधा, सरल, भोला-भला, अनुभवहीन, अनाड़ी, नौसिखिया
Synonyms of GullibleCredulous, Dupable, Naive
Antonyms of GullibleAstute, Discerning, Perceptive

Use of "Gullible" word in sentences, examples

  • But really, he's just a man for his times, a marketing phenomenon who instinctively knows how to milk the gullible and prey on their insecurities.
  • Kiwi gullibility has been exposed by a cyber security test devised by consultant KPMG. 
  • Trumpsters are apparently the most gullible people in living memory. 
  • Both were promised 10 per cent commission after the crime money was deposited in the bank accounts by gullible victims.
  • Every single election you gullible idiots fall for it. 

Similar words of "Gullible"

Dupableप्रवचननीय, मिथ्याभाषी, आशुविश्वासी, अपरिवर्तनीय, निष्कपट, अकृत्रिम, सहज

Gullible FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gullible is, सीधा, सरल, भोला-भला, अनुभवहीन, अनाड़ी, नौसिखिया.

Similar words for Gullible are Credulous, Dupable, Naive.

The Definition of Gullible is easily persuaded to believe something.

Astute, Discerning, Perceptive, are antonyms of the Gullible word.

Gullible is a Adjective word.

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