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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionsly or cunning intelligence
Hindi Meaning of Guileछल-कपट, धूर्तता, मक्कारी, दुष्टता, धोखेबाजी, चालबाजी, ठगी, कूटता
Synonyms of GuileArtifice, Craft, Cunningness
Antonyms of GuileFrankness, Naivety, Openness

Use of "Guile" word in sentences, examples

  • "By Strength and By Guile" is a riveting story of one man's response to a nightmare scenario.
  • After all, how they could use a player of his skill, his agility, his guile. 
  • The defensive midfielder today is a master of passing and guile, not physicality and brawn. 
  • The Arsenal man has no guile and didn't link up at all or put any decent crosses in all night.
  • The Indians are preparing for John Lackey the guile-rich right handed starter. 

Similar words of "Guile"

Deceitचल, कपट, झूठ, धोखा, बेईमानी, चाल, जालसाजी, धोखेबाजी

Guile FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Guile is, छल-कपट, धूर्तता, मक्कारी, दुष्टता, धोखेबाजी, चालबाजी, ठगी, कूटता.

Similar words for Guile are Artifice, Craft, Cunningness.

The Definition of Guile is sly or cunning intelligence.

Frankness, Naivety, Openness, are antonyms of the Guile word.

Guile is a Noun word.

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