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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitioncausing repulsion or horror
Hindi Meaning of Gruesomeडरावना, भयानक, वीभत्स, कुरूप, घोनोना, विकराल, घ्रणित, भीषण, भयावह
Synonyms of GruesomeGhastly, Grim, Grisly
Antonyms of GruesomePleasant, Bright, Sunny

Use of "Gruesome" word in sentences, examples

  • This teenager from Goole in East Yorkshire has mastered the most gruesomebeauty looks and shares the step-by-step process online.
  • 'Shall we not revenge?' After 15 years, doctor convicted on 4 gruesome murder charges. 
  • EastEnders' Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell are to meet a 'grisly gruesome' end in the New Year, according to reports.
  • Their various tours explore sites where some of LA's most gruesome, tragic, and heinous crimes have been committed. 
  • The two cellphone videos are "horrific," "gruesome" and "disturbing," an Easton homicide detective said.

Similar words of "Gruesome"

Grislyडरावना, भयानक, विकत, विवर्ण, कुरूप, कठोर, सख्त, भीषण, भयंकर, खराब
Monstrousदैत्याकार, भयानक, राक्षसी, विकराल, अनैतिक, महावली

Gruesome FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Gruesome is, डरावना, भयानक, वीभत्स, कुरूप, घोनोना, विकराल, घ्रणित, भीषण, भयावह.

Similar words for Gruesome are Ghastly, Grim, Grisly.

The Definition of Gruesome is causing repulsion or horror.

Pleasant, Bright, Sunny, are antonyms of the Gruesome word.

Gruesome is a Adjective word.

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