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Word TypeAdjective
Word Definitionunfortunate for a person
Hindi Meaning of Haplessदिन, बदनसीब, अभागा, दयनीय, निर्बल, बेचारा, कारुणिक, भवात्मक, शोचनीय
Synonyms of Hapless Ill-Fated, Luckless, Unfortunate
Antonyms of HaplessFortuitous, Lucky, Well-Off

Use of "Hapless" word in sentences, examples

  • He also proclaimed PTI members and workers as liars and hapless.
  • Drone footage has captured the moment a hapless Uber driver tried to race the rising sea tide at Holy Island - and gets horribly caught out.
  • A hapless waiter managed to knock the thumb off a priceless 2,000-year-old Roman statue while working at the British Museum. 
  • Ruthless Barcelona thrash hapless Manchester City. Messi hat-trick ensures Guardiola endures torrid return. 
  • If that wasn't enough, USC barely got a road test from hapless Arizona.

Similar words of "Hapless"

Untowardअनुपयुक्त, अशुभ, कठिन, प्रतिकूल, विमुख, हठी, अभद्र, अशिष्ट, अशोभनीय

Hapless FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Hapless is, दिन, बदनसीब, अभागा, दयनीय, निर्बल, बेचारा, कारुणिक, भवात्मक, शोचनीय.

Similar words for Hapless are Ill-Fated, Luckless, Unfortunate.

The Definition of Hapless is unfortunate for a person.

Fortuitous, Lucky, Well-Off, are antonyms of the Hapless word.

Hapless is a Adjective word.

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