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Word TypeNoun
Word Definitionclaims not meant to be taken literally
Hindi Meaning of Hyperboleअतिश्योक्ति, अत्युक्ति, बड़ा-चढ़कर कहना, डिंग हांकना, विस्तार, अत्युक्ति
Synonyms of HyperboleExaggeration, Overstatement, Baloney
Antonyms of HyperboleUnderstatement, Condensation, Suppression

Use of "Hyperbole" word in sentences, examples

  • And now, a word about the hype and hyperbole for this story. 
  • In the Al Jazeera interview, Duterte said he made the jet ski hyperbole “to stress a point that we will not, we will not give up anything there.”
  • This is not hyperbole, and I am not kidding.” “I cannot overstate the danger of this storm. 
  • For The Sniff, it's the stench of political hyperbole, unavoidable at this time of year. The morning Sniffbox is full of it lately.
  • No doubt, some will declare that Hell in a Cell was a great PPV filled with brutal spots, historic firsts and wild hyperbole.

Hyperbole FAQs:

The Hindi meaning of Hyperbole is, अतिश्योक्ति, अत्युक्ति, बड़ा-चढ़कर कहना, डिंग हांकना, विस्तार, अत्युक्ति.

Similar words for Hyperbole are Exaggeration, Overstatement, Baloney.

The Definition of Hyperbole is claims not meant to be taken literally.

Understatement, Condensation, Suppression, are antonyms of the Hyperbole word.

Hyperbole is a Noun word.

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